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04:11 PM on 03/26/2008
I like my Oldies Radio, really I do. But I'm getting mighty tired of hearing the Clinton standard; "If I'm Goin' Down, I'm Takin' You With Me."
04:10 PM on 03/26/2008
Knee-capping lier.
04:33 PM on 03/26/2008
"Knee-capping liar"? Hmm, well if she's Tonya Harding, as one DNC official described her, does that make Bill: (a) Jeff Gillooly (Tonya's husband), or (b) Shane Stant (the thug that Gilooly hired to kneecap Nancy Kerrigan)?
04:49 PM on 03/26/2008
04:09 PM on 03/26/2008
I am sick of seeing this ape wave his finger at us...
04:15 PM on 03/26/2008
Bill is out of control again. I knew they couldn't keep him under wraps for long.

Both Clintons need therapy badly for their enabling and codependent and lying and inauthentic personas. Now !
04:20 PM on 03/26/2008
Not "again", you mean "still" !!
04:15 PM on 03/26/2008
Really Bill?

Since Bill Richardson is Judas, that would make Bill Clinton Jesus
And Monica Lewinski would be Mary Magdalyn??

Will America have to be concerned about 'bimbo eruptions' with Bill in the White House, with nothing to do?

Bill Clinton has lost all credibilty with his veiled and not-so veiled racist statements.

I question Bill Clinton's honor and patriotism.