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Proud Bleeding Heart Liberal
09:37 AM on 08/26/2011
I want $2 a gallon gas AND a pony!
Earl Gray
Lighting up straw men everywhere
09:50 AM on 08/26/2011
The only way gas goes back to $2.00 per gallon is through a worldwide crash that dries up demand. When President Bachmann achieves that goal, you'll be grateful for that pony (wonder if they taste like chicken).
homer winslow
Truth in Beauty, Beauty in Truth
10:56 AM on 08/26/2011
I don't know about ponies, but I bet the rich taste good, all fat and juicy.
09:35 AM on 08/26/2011
The woman does have an extraordinary talent. Just try to speak an entire sentence while not focusing on what words you are going to use. I don't know how she does it.
homer winslow
Truth in Beauty, Beauty in Truth
10:56 AM on 08/26/2011
Lots of time watching videos of Palin.
09:34 AM on 08/26/2011
Remember McCain during the 08 campaign? Said he knew how to find bin Ladin, we just had to elect him, then he'd tell us how. Same BS, different smell.
ignorance is not
09:29 AM on 08/26/2011
Has anyone asked her how she will make this happen? Like when she said hundreds (or maybe thousands?) of scientists don't believe in global warning, no one asked her who they were.
09:23 AM on 08/26/2011
When politicians make statements like that it should be a clue that they are completely irrational and not fit to hold public office of any kind.
yes.. my micro bio is meaningless
09:21 AM on 08/26/2011
Next.. she will be claiming that she invented post-its.
Tiny Ripples of Hope from a Blue State's Red spot
09:16 AM on 08/26/2011
So tuition at Stanford has a CPI Index of 560, representing an almost 600% increase since 1982; hmmm, that sounds remarkable. At UCLA in 1982-84, tuition (they called it Reg. Fees then) was a shade over $1,200.00. This Fall it is a hair over $12,000.00, meaning that only kids who are smart and poor, or the comfortably affluent can really afford to attend without going into ridiculous debt, or without parents mortgaging their own futures (no retirement contributions) to pay the way. This is yet another outcome of political expediency and cowardice in State budgeting - it has always been an easy place for the State Legislature/Governor to dump cuts upon the higher education system (read college kids), because they have no built in, cohesive interest group or lobbying arm to pelt, persuade - or outright purchase lawmakers who will then vote to protect their economic interests by not implementing further funding cuts. After all, the rank-and-file of UC students is guaranteed to completely change over every 4-5 years, limiting institutional memory, which mutes any outcry over rapidly increasing costs which drastically outpace the rate of inflation as a ten fold increase in tuition costs in less than 30 years clearly does. When the only people able to afford college are the wealthy and the heavily subsidized poor, from where will the erudite voices for the middle class emerge for the coming decades?
Russell Masingale
weary I am of the Astroturf.
09:11 AM on 08/26/2011
the thing Adam forgets to point out is that gas is more expensive in Europe because they tax gas more. when taxes are out of the equation the prices we pay are remarkably similar to Europe.
09:45 AM on 08/26/2011
When US gas taxes are comparable to Europe's,is when domestic auto makers will work harder on new technology to raise mpg's and government will pay serious attention to public transit.
reason: strategize: succeed
08:45 AM on 08/26/2011
Her statement shows a total disregard for the impact humans are making on the environment. Why are these people in charge of anything???
09:47 AM on 08/26/2011
Maybe it's voter intelligence or the voting machines used.
Will not negotiate with tearrorists
01:04 PM on 08/26/2011
Her statement shows a total disregard for reality in all forms. Not just climate change. I, for one, would like for just one reporter to ask her, "how"? I'd bet next month's mortgage she would either dodge the question or her answer would have absolutely no basis in reality and the world as we know it.
08:36 AM on 08/26/2011
Bachmann has convinced her mindless followers that oil is some kind of infinite commodity that can be pumped out of the ground and burned in whatever quantity we need. That more of it will always be there to power our lifestyle, and that the laws of physics do not apply to Republicans, and Tea Party voters in particular. All you have to do is suspend reason just long enough to vote Bachmann into office. After that, you can watch the price of gas climbing out of reach, while those who now depend on it for their very existence sink deeper into poverty and hunger.
Don’t forget Bachmann also wants to end the minimum wage.
For a century, coal oil and gas have allowed the population the grow, while simultaneously creating employment by powering factories. We have indulged in an orgy of fuelburning, while calling it GDP. As we burned it faster, it became growth. That sums up the nonsense of our economy. But to our great unthinkers we live on a flat earth where growth is endless, and the cost of energy is subject to political whim. If Bachmann says gas can be $2, then it comes under the same laws of physics as Perry’s raindance. In both cases gullible fools will be looking skywards or drilling downwards certain that divine intervention will make it happen.
Hater Hunter!
07:06 AM on 08/26/2011
Lost me at "wannabe" President....snark is the new norm.....
HuffingbookPost: no comments
10:31 AM on 08/26/2011
that whole "voters aren't quite satisfied with the candidates" field is wannabes; where's the snark?
My micro-bio is empty.
01:43 AM on 08/26/2011
If she had only changed that "if" to a "when," she would have had a valid statement. We will see $2/gallon gas when pigs fly, when hell freezes over, when Michele Bachmann gets elected president, whatever.
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10:14 AM on 08/26/2011
"The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter--it's the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning."
--Mark Twain
01:23 AM on 08/26/2011
Look, I'm no expert but, we need to make these American Corporations that are sending all the jobs over-sea's pay for this. We already pay all their taxes through inflated costs, then we give them bail out money, and they reward the United States of America by sending jobs over-seas, cutting American jobs and then have the balls to give the CEO's millions and billions in bonuses!?!?!?
Make these Corporations pay, make a foreign business tax specifically targeting those corporations that have more than 20% of their work force over-seas! And make the tax so huge the CEO's have to give back their bonuses or else comply and re-hire American workers. This government better start working for the People again or the stuff's gonna hit the fan.
Joseph Goodwin
10:01 AM on 08/26/2011
Yep, you are no expert. Inovation and streamlining of equipment, supply chain and manufacturing process' have taken more jobs out of the economy than outsourcing ever will!

your ideas about economics about taxing the corporations is flawed. Your idras would send the econmy into a tailspin of destruction.
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12:33 AM on 08/26/2011
When Dick Cheney said about his new book, "People's heads will be exploding", I guess Bachmann's was the first.
09:50 AM on 08/26/2011
Unless she's in the book,that air won't be getting hot.
12:13 AM on 08/26/2011
Until people growup and settle their differences and become a World that was meant to support people it's all ideology. As for gas $2.75 a gal. is not far fetched companies still make .50 more a gal. than when this B.S. started and if they need more because there is so much danger I'd say maybe they ought to grow some balls and take responsibility. My opinion!