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05:15 AM on 08/27/2011
Altruism surely.... What else could it be?

"But the facts are unavoidable.Without the 20,000 air sorties, arms supplies and logistical support of the most powerful states in the world, they would not be calling the shots in Tripoli today. The assault on the capital was supported by the heaviest Nato bombardment to date. Western intelligence and special forces have been on the ground for months – in mockery of the UN – training, planning and co-ordinating rebel operations. It was the leading Nato states that championed and funded the Transitional National Council – including members with longstanding CIA and MI6 links – and officials from Nato states who drew up the stabilisation plan now being implemented on the ground."
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that is not my foot
04:46 AM on 08/27/2011
And now the arm twisting starts. The US, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar and any other oil-producing US ally who is majority Muslim will start working on the leaders of these countries, until the US, the UK and France get what we all want--full recognition and oil contracts!
Maija Dravnieks
Artist, private,way in the woods.
04:31 AM on 08/27/2011
It does not matter who the Chief is, are the lights,phones,and internet networks going yet again? People out of the jails, buildings restored, hurting healed, farms tended and added to? Putting their names on the guns and tucked somewhere in case of problems again, daresay invaders, looks like European NATO is going to go back home when. ~Maija
04:29 AM on 08/27/2011
Finally a transnational body that recognizes the Nato-Rebels for who they really are.
Jack Daniels Esq
Hold the ice
02:19 AM on 08/27/2011
Zuma has an glaring, immediate problem - he cant read
01:52 AM on 08/27/2011
Those bashing the AU here don't know anything about AU or Africa in general. Most African leaders despise Qaddafi due to his megalomaniac and meddling tendencies, but how can they at the moment recognize a bunch of guys just because they say they are the government? NATO's agenda is quite clear for all to see. The Europeans wanted this, and they called on the United States for help, basically a pay-back for their help in Iraq and Afghanistan, their agenda is quite different from that of the African Union. This is a wise decision on their part.
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05:03 AM on 08/27/2011
I would like to be able to think that the AU is just being wisely neutral in this whole affair, but then I remember the many African mercenaries the dictator had to rent. Having to rely on foreign mercenaries to suppress the mass uprising against him by his own people speaks loudly against Gadhafi's claims to be the legitimate ruler in Libya.

After hiring their countrymen to act as mercenaries, it would be biting the hand that feeds you, for the AU to publicly do anything to embarrass Gadhafi.
05:10 AM on 08/27/2011
""It also found indications that on several occasions the rebels in Benghazi appeared to have knowingly made false claims or manufactured evidence...".Rebels have repeatedly charged that mercenary troops from Central and West Africa have been used against them. The Amnesty investigation found there was no evidence for this. "Those shown to journalists as foreign mercenaries were later quietly released," says Ms Rovera. "Most were sub-Saharan migrants working in Libya without documents..."

"Still, the rebels have offered their own far-fetched claims, like mass rapes by loyalist troops issued tablets of Viagra. Although the rebels have not offered credible proof, that claim is nonetheless the basis of an investigation by the International Criminal Court.
Stop the Genocide in Libya, Now!
01:34 AM on 08/27/2011
AU makes me so proud on this one! Keep it up. The AU is one of the last hopes left in the 21st century for the International rule of law and diplomacy over the warmongering agenda which the Barbaric west has embraced. Yet the media would have us believe that Africans are the Backward ones!
01:14 AM on 08/27/2011
Why cut your own throat? There is no guarantee that an eventual successor to gaddafi will be better for Libya or Africa.
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05:05 AM on 08/27/2011
As the saying goes, nothing is guaranteed in this life except death and taxes.

Still, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to overthrow dictators.
09:12 AM on 08/27/2011
Hows that going in the U@e, Syr|@, $@ud|, Kuw@|t, Q@t@r, Jord@n, B@hrain, M0r0cc0, @lg3ria?

Am i forgetting any?
10:39 PM on 08/27/2011
liberals just don't get it. It's like coming down on a parent for hitting her child and then walking away thinking the parent will never do that again. Over throwing tyrants doesn't solve problems.
A war veteran. Finally retired
01:01 AM on 08/27/2011
You will after sometime when the genocide trial will start and al abettor are called in then. Take your time now and enjoy.
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12:01 AM on 08/27/2011
Tyrants, despots and thieves will hang together, apparently.

Just a sampling of the thinking of these guys, Zuma of S. Africa:

"Zuma was criticised by gay and lesbian groups after he criticised same-sex marriage at a Heritage Day celebration on 24 September 2006 in Stanger, saying that same-sex marriage was "a disgrace to the nation and to God": "When I was growing up, an ungqingili (a homosexual) would not have stood in front of me. I would knock him out."?

And was it not in Kenya, or Uganda that a law making homosexual acts punishable by de ath?

Yeah, nice bunch of friends Qaddafi got there. I'm sure they all understand each other JUST fine.
Proud American, Proud Gentile
12:29 AM on 08/27/2011
Same sex marriage is not even completely mainstream in America. Zuma is from an older generation, and his opposition to same sex marriage is in line with data from polling of Americans in his generation.

And that death penalty for being gay was lobbied for by radical American preachers, and the African government actually stepped in and did not allow the law to pass.

If only your rebel friends in Libya were as progressive. Everyone knows Islam is very welcoming to gays.
Proud American, Proud Gentile
12:40 AM on 08/27/2011
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in Libya face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Libya. Beyond the criminal laws, cross-dressing and homosexuality are widely seen as immoral activities in a nation where the majority of the population is MUSLIM.

So you cant blame Qaddafi. He placated them but reigned them in when necessary.
Elizabeth Berry
11:25 PM on 08/26/2011
Good. I'm glad to see the African Union standing up to this invasion from the West.
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The patients have overtaken the asylum
11:24 PM on 08/26/2011
What? Zuma too busy taking prophylactic anti-AIDS showers to vote? The African Union is about Africa and Africans like Wall Street is about America and Americans.
10:21 PM on 08/26/2011
they are no different than Timothy McViegh or the guy from Oslo. They are terrorists.
10:21 PM on 08/26/2011
good, because they are rats
wuf wuf
11:52 PM on 08/26/2011
No Nescafe drugged rats, please be accurate !
07:15 AM on 08/27/2011
Your handle is Americaisracist, it should be I'amracist.
09:54 PM on 08/26/2011
The AU provides evidence, once again, that it exists to protect and further the interests of African kleptocrats and not the African people.
10:22 PM on 08/26/2011
says the white guy from usa
11:24 PM on 08/26/2011
I'm not a colonial old boy. Never presume, my guess is you do far too much of that.
10:24 PM on 08/26/2011
You mean just like the American government exists to protect and further the interests of Israel and not the American people?

You, once again provide evidence that you know nothing about the AU or Africa, stick with your zionist diatribes.
11:25 PM on 08/26/2011
Once again you prove unable to make a post without mentioning Israel. I wonder why?