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11:29 AM on 03/30/2008
I must admit, when I heard the story I found it to be quite "incredible" but in it's context, I truly appreciated the colorfulness of it. It's definitely a misstatement, but cannot eclipse the whopper Sen. Clinton told about dodging sniper fire in Bosnia (the Sinbad element makes it comical and worth my obsession with watching it repeatedly on Youtube).
11:26 AM on 03/30/2008
11:34 AM on 03/30/2008
Correct. Not lying.
11:46 AM on 03/30/2008're right. Embellishing I meant. just like his experience and jugement.
11:52 AM on 03/30/2008
He LIED...but my paper calls it ....He erred !!
He embellishes what he thinks sounds good and denies (lies about) what really matters.

Just Another one of those Misspokes !!

01:26 PM on 03/30/2008
His father was airlifted from Kenya and the Kennedy's contributed money to help airlift people from Kenya.

They contributed to it the year after Mr. Obama was already here, but who could think that makes any big deal? Still a great cause for the Kennedy family to have supported. Still a great opportunity for his father to leave Kenya and get a college education in the U.S.

Not exactly, "I ran to shelter from sniper fire", "Well, actually there was a long ceremony outside, an 8 year old presented me with flowers, and Tuzla was one of the safest airports in the region. Even Chelsea was there, walking around.".
11:23 AM on 03/30/2008
I remember him telling that story during the Ted Kennedy endorsement, but he didn't exactly word it like "The Kennedys paid for his father to come to America", he refers to a piece of legislation that enabled his father to come here. I don't know if it's true and I don't really care.
Believing absurdities one will commit atrocities
11:21 AM on 03/30/2008
Ain't it funny because when HRC says something and it's not true, its a lie! and rightly so but when BO states something that is not true it is grossly oversimplified! A lie is a lie no matter who is telling it! We need to quit the double standards that is being protrayed on this site...
Just an earthbound misfit, I
11:41 AM on 03/30/2008
"...quit the double standards that is being protrayed on this site..."

Apparently you missed the part where it was the WASHINGTON POST that published the story.
11:49 AM on 03/30/2008
But as we know, Huff Post likes to have "SCREAMING" headlines when it comes to Hillary and small articles tucked away when it comes to Obama the Messiah.
11:47 AM on 03/30/2008
If you can't see the difference between Hillary's Bosnia lie and this, then no standard can help you.
12:38 PM on 03/30/2008
Really? I don't. I see the same puffing up by two politicians.

See I don't expect Hillary to be a saint. She's a politician. A good one, too.

So is he. He's also good.

They neither one are spiritual leaders.

They are politicians.
11:16 AM on 03/30/2008
This is the death nill for Obama for sure.

I can't wait to see how this will be used to prove that he can't cut it as CIC and how unpatriotic he is.
11:10 AM on 03/30/2008
I"ve always hated the camelot reference. COmparing someone to a President who and Presidential candidate both of whom were assassinated does not sit well with me.

11:10 AM on 03/30/2008
So now will we see upteen news pundits talk about this, interviews, and a drop in his polls? :)

Good grief......Kennedygate and Bosniagate.

I think America has gone a bit daffy here.
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06:46 PM on 03/30/2008
You wish.
11:07 AM on 03/30/2008
LOL, in the words of Dick Cheney "SO"
11:03 AM on 03/30/2008
"It is a touching story -- but the key details are either untrue or grossly oversimplified."

Yeah, so?
11:10 AM on 03/30/2008
I second this. "Grossly oversimplified" is a big deal? Come on, what do you expect. He can't sit there and bore people laying out everything in detail. If he did that the MSM would label him as "Boring Obama".
11:03 AM on 03/30/2008
Ill let you know when i care about something so minor.