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12:21 PM on 03/31/2008
I can't believe that she is still lying about this. I hope that the media in Pa reports this and that the people of PA see her for who she is.
05:08 PM on 03/31/2008
She is not lying. Check your facts.
12:09 PM on 03/31/2008
Hillary spoke out against Nafta on her flight home from Bosnia while under sniper fire, while wearing her Goldwater Girl outfit and writing about her deep concerns for MLK and civil rights.
01:34 PM on 03/31/2008
Flagged as favorite.
11:49 AM on 03/31/2008
Hopefully, although it is in an internal probe, the full results of Privy Council's investigation in Canada will be made soon.

"Mr. Lynch [Kevin Lynch, Clerk of the Privy Council Office] pledged in a letter to Liberal MP Navdeep Bains that the results of the internal probe will be made public, and will include the 'verbal' leaks - not only the later leak of a diplomatic memo." [March 27, 2008]
11:48 AM on 03/31/2008
As Al Frankin would say, "flipitty floppity". If she really believes in a unified party, she should drop out now. Otherwise it's just another flip flop.
05:09 PM on 03/31/2008
How do you figure that?
11:37 AM on 03/31/2008
The Clinton campaign never thinks through how its spins fit in the overall message. Regarding NAFTA, all recorded accounts reveal that she supported the act. Yet, the counter-argument now is that she actually opposed it in private circles. Fine. Regarding Iraq, she voted for the war. Yet, the counter-argument now is that she didn't read the full report and actually held reservations about going to war. Ok, Hillary. But, when people hear these conflicting positions, they can only draw 1 of 2 conclusions: either she is now lying about her prior positions, or she is not even close to being the "fighter" she claims to be, but rather is all too easily prone to simply lay down her fight - and even affirmatively support - criticial issues she claimed to secretly oppose. Either way she looks bad. They take a relatively minor screwup (e.g., the embellishment of her Bosnia trip) and offer an "excuse" that makes it much worse (e.g., she "was sleep-deprived" - so when you're overly-tired, which will happen from time to time if you're President, you have a tendency to concoct stories such as being attacked with gunfire by foreign countries?).
12:37 PM on 03/31/2008
We won't even talk about what a "sleep deprived" president might "mis-speak" about during a 3AM phone call! Yikes!

We can only speculate what happened with NAFTA. If I read it right, it sounds like the Clintons supported NAFTA in order to build up goodwill with Repubs to get Universal Health Care passed. This, of course, is a generous reading of events.

Everyone knows what happened with the Iraq War resolution. She voted for it, spoke out for it even, because:
the war was seen as a cake walk.
People of the US by-and-large approved of going into Iraq.
Clinton wanted to build up her national security credibility (and wanted to appear as strong on defense)
Clinton was of course planning on running for President and didn't want to be opposed to a popular war.

She took a gamble on Iraq. She took a gamble of NAFTA. Now she wants us to trust her judgement and "experience"?
05:11 PM on 03/31/2008
It has been very well documented that Clinton privately and loudly spoke out against NAFTA. There is a lot of supporting information available. Or check here for a quick read:
11:30 AM on 03/31/2008
Her approval rating has dropped through the floor since she went negative.
11:19 AM on 03/31/2008
It appears as if the woman can't open her mouth without a lie falling out.
05:11 PM on 03/31/2008
That is both nasty and uninformed.
10:59 AM on 03/31/2008
i guess she wants us to take her at her word that she yelled her dissent from her bed across the room to bill's before they went to sleep at night, it's too bad her word is worth less than the falling dollar right now.
10:44 AM on 03/31/2008
and I Believe in the tooth fairy
12:32 PM on 03/31/2008
I believe the Tooth Fairy is a Bosnian sniper.

10:43 AM on 03/31/2008
I do love the picture as it reminds me of the point, point clap, clap,point point, clap, clap that Stephen Colbert pointed out that she does when at a rally.
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May you reap what you sow.
01:23 PM on 03/31/2008
Clappiness is a warm deception.
10:33 AM on 03/31/2008
Maybe she is still sleep deprived and is actually misspeaking?
10:32 AM on 03/31/2008
I can't believe that she continues to lie about this story. Does she actually believe her owb BS or does she really think that nobody is clever enough to check the records.

SHe makes my skin crawl
11:23 AM on 03/31/2008
That's the crux of it. We don't need yet another President who treats us all like idiots.
05:25 PM on 03/31/2008
You can't believe it because it is not true. You are right in thinking someone should be clever enough to check the records. Starting with the uninformed spewers here on this post. It has been well documented that Hillary opposed NAFTA beginning in 1992. There is ample documentation. Or check here for a quick summary:

This is one of those Hillary-bashing stories that just won't die no matter how many times it is de-bunked.
02:19 AM on 04/01/2008
I believe that this was before we discovered that she was actually selling NAFTA to Labor and women's groups. The problem isn't just that her actions went against what she claims she was for (or against). It's that she wants to claim credit for both (depending on who she is addressing). The other thing is... If I am really against something, not just do I think something will not play well or this might look bad if... I can't see myself promoting it. I might bite my tongue and not say anything if I felt I had no choice. I might. But I can't see myself going out there and being all gung ho as a supporter. However if I didn't care either way. If I was just thinking strategically and had no emotional or idealist revulsion for something. If I just thought politically, I'm sure I could argue for anything really. Even a war.
10:25 AM on 03/31/2008
Sally Bedell Smith, Oct. 27, 2007: And Hillary was really prepared to try and kill NAFTA. [Special Trade Representative] Mickey Kantor had to take her out ... behind the White House, sat her down on a bench, and said, we have to go first with NAFTA. We can come back to health care later, but we have to do NAFTA because we need a success and we need a bipartisan success. And he was absolutely right. And what convinced her at the time was not necessarily the merits of NAFTA, but the fact that it was a good political decision.

Earlier, she was criticized by pro-NAFTA forces for a lack of support. In 1993 pro-NAFTA executive Gary R. Edson of Ameritech Corp. complained publicly of a "deafening" silence from Hillary Clinton during the fight to gain Congressional approval:

Gary R. Edson, Oct. 18, 1993: NAFTA should be made the clear priority, with a concerted campaign involving the entire administration, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose silence on the issue has been deafening.

Update, Feb. 26: Quotes from Hillary Clinton that are favorable to NAFTA mainly date from her days as the first lady, but as we noted last November, her views shifted long before she began her run for the presidency. In fact, she was calling for tougher trade rules soon after she and her husband left the White House.
10:59 AM on 03/31/2008
"Sally Bedell Smith, Oct. 27, 2007: And Hillary was really prepared to try and kill NAFTA. [Special Trade Representative] Mickey Kantor had to take her out ... behind the White House, sat her down on a bench, and said, we have to go first with NAFTA. We can come back to health care later, but we have to do NAFTA because we need a success and we need a bipartisan success. And he was absolutely right. And what convinced her at the time was not necessarily the merits of NAFTA, but the fact that it was a good political decision."

So clearly it wasn't a "good political decision" at all, and Mickey Kantor was NOT "absolutely right". NAFTA got passed, Universal Health Care got killed. Once again, if we're to believe this narrative, triangulation failed.

How has the Clintons' capitulation to the Republican party and Corporate America strengthened the Democratic party? How has it strenghtened the middle class?

Hillary was either pro-NAFTA (as her years on the board of Wal Mart....a notoriously anti-union corporation might lead one to believe)
she made yet another naiive political calculation that failed miserably (like voting for AUMF and Kyle-Lieberman to boost her "national security" credentials).

Hillary's political calculations and triangulation always seem to backfire! Can America afford another 8 years of this?
11:12 AM on 03/31/2008
Great reply...
11:28 AM on 03/31/2008
Exactly. In one of her early debates, i remember she kept bringing up these efforts of hers after which she would add, "we couldn't make it work," or "but it didn't pass." And i was struck at the time that she seemed to be boasting about things she was actually unable to accomplish. But this observation wasn't part of the post-debate spin, and her tone quickly changed after that.
10:24 AM on 03/31/2008
Given her track record, I'll have to insist on some real proof. So far, all we have is proof of the opposite.
05:29 PM on 03/31/2008
Then you need to take the time to really check the facts. For a quick summary and a starting point, try this:
Those who you let anger you conquer you
10:21 AM on 03/31/2008
RNC/HRC= Both prefer Rovian gutter politics where the Tonya Harding/Kitchen Sink/Scorched Earth/lying at any opportunity to get ahead/attacking an opponents strength and making it a weakness type of election policies of utterly destroying the oppositional candidate (putting party/self before country) is the preferred option. And when the opponent (say Obama for instance) tries to give a measured response to the gutter attack both RNC/HRC then play the victim after using smearing gutter politics against an opponent and trying to come across as victimized angels to a measured response.

Please, someone tell me, HOW exactly is HRC NOT a republican?!?
05:31 PM on 03/31/2008
Because she is a Democrat who believes in the Democratic platform. None of your ranting has anything to do with that.
10:21 PM on 03/31/2008
The only Republican in the race is Dr. Ron Paul.
All the others work for the global corporate elite...The New World Order.