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01:19 PM on 04/02/2008
My question goes to HuffPo's editors. Why did you even post this ridiculous article on the Politics page?
Mom Taught me - Question Everything - Thanks Mom!
01:14 PM on 04/02/2008
Who cares what some bleached-blond pseudo-famous airhead with money thinks? Of course she is going to vote for a Republican. Not to vote for McCain (in her particular case) would be the real shocker.
01:46 PM on 04/02/2008
If you ever earn any kind of substantial money you'll change parties and become a Republican too. It's only those who have never earned a lot of money who think they're entitled to the fruits of everybody elses good fortune.
04:34 PM on 04/02/2008
Wow. Then I guess I better check my paycheck next time. I'm obviously making much less than I thought.
burned out attorney, flaming liberal
05:46 PM on 04/02/2008
Actually, wealthy Republicans get their own welfare benefits. Their capital gains are taxed at a lower rate than the income of a teacher and aren't subject to social security withholding. The government contributes to their corporations, which makes them richer. It's just done behind closed doors, or upon a benevolent pretense.

There are Democratic wealthy people too. They just aren't pathologically greedy and evil.
01:09 PM on 04/02/2008
That makes my decision easy, I'm for McCain too.
01:40 PM on 04/02/2008
i hope you're being sarcastic.
01:07 PM on 04/02/2008
All tits, no brain.
01:09 PM on 04/02/2008
Why no brain? If you have a job and want to make more money, voting for less taxes and less government is in your best interest.
01:40 PM on 04/02/2008
I'll bet you $100 that she can't make a coherent policy argument
01:40 PM on 04/02/2008
yes but as a woman, you'd think she's vote for reproductive rights.
01:06 PM on 04/02/2008
I have run across a lot of things in my life that make me shake my head but one of the silliest has to be, My family has voted one party for x number of generations and I will vote that way also. Don't you realize how stupid that appears? Gee, I don't want to have to do my own thinking for myself! Considering the last seven plus years, is she trying to revive the old saying about blonds?
01:11 PM on 04/02/2008
She probably looks at her parents and says, they have a huge house and nice cars that they have given to mem they must be doing something right.
Because someone has to say it.
01:04 PM on 04/02/2008
She is just for McCain because ALL of the women in his life (even the lobbyist mistress) look like her.
01:03 PM on 04/02/2008
Seriously!!! Who gives a filth flarn filth about what this fake person is voting! Fake nose, boobs, chin, and personality! Her music and acting sucks
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Sometimes I like to touch other people's food
01:03 PM on 04/02/2008
Postscript:"Because I don't have to worry about being drafted."
12:57 PM on 04/02/2008
what is it about rethugs and skinny horse-faced peroxide blondes? retch, gag
12:57 PM on 04/02/2008
"Fu! Rin! Ka! Zan!"
12:53 PM on 04/02/2008
So she's a loyal member of the "Gang of Pedophiles" and will support "Hundred Years War" McCain?

Perhaps the studio executives should change the name of her series to THE HILLS HAVE EYES to more accurately reflect the actual performance record of her vaunted "party of family values:"

Leland R. Erickson

1-2-3 Is this thing working?
12:51 PM on 04/02/2008
Hmmm.. for some reason, old blonde jokes come to mind.....
12:50 PM on 04/02/2008
Great! He's got anger issues and she's got an eating disorder.
12:42 PM on 04/02/2008
Heidi Montag: "I don't think anyone cares who Heidi Montag votes for."

Out of the mouths of babes....
12:42 PM on 04/02/2008
Every girl loves their great, great, great grandpa