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Angie Sullivan
Students are my special interest.
07:35 PM on 09/02/2011
You are so right - the lions are devouring the young. They are trying to convince us all that poor children are not worth it. And the people who love them are failures. Where is the food? Where is the care? Where is the humanity? UNITE - we cannot allowed the lions to eat our babies and our future. It's time that we SHOW UP and that we VOTE. We cannot allow this to continue. Their blood will cry from the blood.
04:49 AM on 09/03/2011
Where is parent accountability? Particularly regarding Food and feeding your kids:
05:51 AM on 09/03/2011
Same goes for public schools. You should put your kid's in private school.
07:30 PM on 09/02/2011
But reality is nothing happens until it happens to the rich or governmental officials.
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07:29 PM on 09/02/2011
I assume Marion Wright Edelman is speaking about black children. Marion, in order to save the children you need to speak about the single parent blacks who can't get out of the quicksand ...You also need to talk about the black male, who walks around with his pants to his ankles, spreading sperm to every female that opens her legs.... Hit and Run.... Things will never get better until black leaders start telling the truth... Passing the tin cup for more money will not fix this tragedy. Open your eyes!
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09:15 PM on 09/02/2011
Of the "many lurking dangers that threaten children," tax cuts are way down the list.
10:52 PM on 09/02/2011
Why do you assume she is speaking about black children? Because she is black? If she specified that she was only speaking of white children would you be prepared to consider her argument? Furthermore, are you really prepared to write off a whole cohort of American children as "not your problem" because of the color their skin and your troubling preconceived generalizations? Are you really comfortable assuming a) that all poor black children are the result of the kind of relationships you describe and b) that no white people engage in this kind of behavior? Are you saying that any child born out of wedlock is not entitled to help because he or she is somehow tainted with the sins of his/her parents?
07:29 PM on 09/02/2011
Amen, that is why I just became an official Social Worker to Advocate for the Children.
07:19 PM on 09/02/2011
Note also that this example refers to a buffalo mother, father, and child. The greatest indicator of childhood poverty is whether he or she is being raised by a single mother. Children raised by never-married mothers are seven times more likely to be poor when compared to children raised in intact married families. Perhaps Edelman could ask, with as much passion as she requests political solutions, for action against the lions of moral decay that are attacking our children and dooming them to lives of poverty,
11:27 PM on 09/02/2011
this could be spurious correlation. Poverty is the main factor here. or a circular arguement.
06:59 PM on 09/02/2011
If I had the wherewithall, I would award this writer a Pulitzer for the subject and content of this article.
Of all the posters, editorialists, and columnists, and all the politicians and prominant political leaders to include elected officials, this lady has hit the nail on the head in terms of finding a solution to the problems facing our nation today. Our most valuable resource has always been our children.

Here it is Ms. Edelman, Your Pulitizer from an everyday citizen! Congratulations!
Pauline Jaing
Artist, worker, mother
06:58 PM on 09/02/2011
"I believe deeply that our unjust neglect of and failure to invest fully in all of our children is the economic and spiritual Achilles’ heel that will topple America’s leadership in the world in the twenty-first century."

Well,America's "leadership" has been very much exaggerated. More like domination, I now see.
06:54 PM on 09/02/2011
A lot of words to basically say boost federal education funding. No more lions and tigers please.
11:30 PM on 09/02/2011
this entire economy problem could have been solved with Obama,grand bargain. Repubs walked away cause they knew it would be a Grand Victory for Obama.
Charles Gray
The Big-O, self proclaimed Underdog!
06:29 PM on 09/02/2011
Good point and well made. But here is a point that distinguishes this Buffalo rescue from the Childrens predicament in the world today. The Buffalo immediate family and neighborhood stepped up to make it work. They did not hold a meeting, inlist help from all Buffao districts and get the funding from Buffalo Central. They got the job done at the local level. Do not ruin what is left of initiative and courage by friends and neighbors. If we keep on expecting Buffalo Central to rescue our children we will all end up as Lion Lunch. The American Spirit is alive-just use it!
07:10 PM on 09/02/2011
Exactly, and when we have government officials i.e police chiefs that ignore the abuse of children it makes things harder for those of us that are advocates for children. this child named Taylor is in need of The American Spirit. The Political Lions that should be protecting her and that should have protected the 3 children that died under that same leadership are winning and the children of Prince William County Virginia are loosing
09:47 PM on 09/02/2011
They also didn't waste time blaming the mother for having the child in the first place or asking why the child should be any of their business.
Often correct, NEVER right.
06:16 PM on 09/02/2011
Each and every attack on Public education is a direct attack on children. They are the weakest, the least represented citizens in this country, and they are our future.
How dare the right wing regressionists expect our children to grow up to be the next great generation when all the GOP does is deny these children the dreams that our parents nurtured in us.
It is spiteful, selfish and mean.
06:16 PM on 09/02/2011
Simply wonderfully written truth.