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12:04 AM on 04/04/2008
First they slander Richardson and try to ruin his credibility, thereby lessening the weight of his Obama endorsement. And, irony of ironies, they try to do it using words Clinton spoke.

Then Hillary denies she said what she said, but not directly. Apparently she learned from her bullet dodging Bosnia lie.

Is there no level too low for her and her campaign?
12:29 AM on 04/04/2008
That's not slander. That's authentic anger at him.

I believe Bill Clinton on this one. I remember seeing the bowl pics and thinking that Richardson had promised to not endorse.

So Bill's angry outburst with the superdelegate rang true.

BTW, that superdelegate who talked to the press about that really hasn't much political commonsense. That's inner fighting stuff.......she sounds petty and mean-spirited to me. She's the one who really started this.

Carville's Judas remark was enough of a public fight.
01:05 AM on 04/04/2008
Pathetic you are, Annin. I can't wait until the moment Clinton withdraws. I CAN'T WAIT...
12:00 AM on 04/04/2008
I am curious how this is viewed in the Hispanic community? I also wonder if this is also intended to Kill any chance of Richardson being picked as Obama's VP choice by making him unacceptable to her supporters.
12:30 AM on 04/04/2008
Good question.
01:20 AM on 04/04/2008
Thats why she is doing this. She is making him to be unable to be Pres.
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01:02 AM on 04/04/2008
ok, i hear u on that
11:54 PM on 04/03/2008
And all of this claptrap is going on when the voters want to hear more about real issues, like Iraq, the economy, the rule of law, trivial stuff like that.
01:16 AM on 04/04/2008
True, but "character" is an important issue, too. The Bush/Cheney years have left no doubt about that.
11:48 PM on 04/03/2008
One of the milestones of this presidential campaign is that "Misunderstood" is the new euphemism for "lying" and it will be forever attributed to Clinton. Kind of like Reagan's "I can't remember/I don't recall"
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01:03 AM on 04/04/2008
or like "stay the course"
01:18 AM on 04/04/2008
How 'bout "Define IS"
11:48 PM on 04/03/2008
I know HRC is trying to use Bill Richardson as an example to other superdelegates---Support Obama and Bill and I will attack you mercilessly with out end---but I think this, like so many of her other tactics, is backfiring. She is simply making herself look crazy and obsessed. Richardson endorsed someone else. LET IT GO.
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01:05 AM on 04/04/2008
i feel u. like dr. evil
11:47 PM on 04/03/2008
"The Governor wants to move beyond this he said-she said nonsense. It's irrelevant and petty. The focus should be on ending the war in Iraq, improving the economy and passing universal health care, which is exactly what Senator Obama is talking about." How dare he make such a sensible statement. You'd think he was actually expressing the majority of the voters opinion.

"We have been going back and forth in this campaign of who said what to whom and let me say this, that I don't talk about private conversations...." unless I can get away with another mis-statement to my benefit.
11:46 PM on 04/03/2008
If Gov. Richardson was considered a friend, imagine how enemies are treated.
If money = speech, then no speech is free.
12:04 AM on 04/04/2008
Sometimes, even your friends recognize that you simply aren't the best person for the job.
12:12 AM on 04/04/2008
Not if you're a Bush! Or Clinton!
12:23 AM on 04/04/2008
"was" considered a friend is the operative verb. Once he no longer supported her highness, he was no longer a friend, and, therefore, an enemy and fair game for a shot below the belt. I also wonder what the Clinton's definition of "friend" is - hummmm, would we first have to define "is?"
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11:42 PM on 04/03/2008
I think the word is "Unbelievable."

The Clintons are unbelievable.
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01:08 AM on 04/04/2008
all good, to a thoughtful being
11:42 PM on 04/03/2008
11:41 PM on 04/03/2008
Is it just me or is the woman becoming more and more pathetic? I can't take it anymore!
11:50 PM on 04/03/2008
So stop reading or watching then. This is a non-story. And Richardson needs to chill out.
11:37 PM on 04/03/2008
What a liar. Time for another 3 am call ad.
11:36 PM on 04/03/2008
Really??? Hillary lied again. Wow, what a surprise. There was no doubt what the reporter was asking about but she didn't want to admit that she said Obama was unelectable on camera. So she lied and then had her "peeps" put out a statement later to clarify the "misspeak." Got to admit it, she's as cunning as a fox. I hope the dems calling Richardson a liar will now realize that it's time to grab the life jacket.
12:30 AM on 04/04/2008
The Democratic party is fractured, maybe just don't know it yet. You think Obama can win the General without Hillary's supporters? You would be so wrong, my friend.
You and people like you and Jeremiah Wright are only serving to fire up the Reagan Democrats. You see, most people didn't know that Black Churches teach hatred of Whites from the pulpit. There's not a sole that I know, personally, who would vote for a man who listened to racial hatred sermons for 20 years and will not disavow the man who preached it. Most people didn't know that many of the snappy phrases spoken by Obama to his adoring public were phrases lifted straight from Louis Farrakhan's hate speeches...that was supposed to go over our heads, but supporters of Farrakhan would know "wink-wink" what they meant. We Dems don't stand a chance at winning the Presidency this time, if Obama is elected.
01:04 AM on 04/04/2008
you lost me at "just don't know..."
01:08 AM on 04/04/2008
SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW HILLARY CLINTON AND HER PATHETIC SUPPORTERS. I will never vote for her. I hope she is voted out of the Senate in 2012. She will destroy the Democratic party and Obama to further her narcissistic ambition. She is WORSE THAN BUSH in that regard! Horrible, horrible, horrible. She is the WORST of the worst!!!!!!!!!!
11:36 PM on 04/03/2008
This story really needs to die. It's what they call a very slow, and painful death.
Micro-bio this
11:54 PM on 04/03/2008
Kind of like Hillary's campaign.
11:35 PM on 04/03/2008
Who cares what Hillary says? She's old news.
03:20 PM on 04/04/2008
You're right. She's OLD for sure. But news, she's not!