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12:47 AM on 04/17/2008
So Cheney can read somebody else's "jokes"? Is that what we're supposed to get from that?
Dude has no sense of timing.
12:55 AM on 04/17/2008
12:42 AM on 04/17/2008
Why would any corresondent who values the First Amedment Attend an event Where this fascist war criminal was going to speak?I.m sure Faux News was well-represented!!!!
01:15 AM on 04/17/2008
To spite you.
Austin Proud
12:37 AM on 04/17/2008
Cheney is evil. He needs to hang upside down by his balls in a disease-infested prison in Iraq, compliments of The Hague.
12:52 AM on 04/17/2008
With Iraqis in line holding a pin, lemon and salt.
12:36 AM on 04/17/2008
i am no cheney fan but i have to say he is way more authentic than the phony obama
12:45 AM on 04/17/2008
Don't be silly.
12:55 AM on 04/17/2008
Thank you, Hillary. Now go play.
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12:34 AM on 04/17/2008
Hang Him High America.

Hang him High !

(and his Quisling writers)
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12:39 AM on 04/17/2008
Some of his Quisling writer stuff is as funny as his "We'll be greeted as liberators"
12:27 AM on 04/17/2008
Cheney claimed he had "better things to do" than enlist to fight in a war he was talking-up to all his friends in the 1960s. I refer to Vietnam. Cheney encouraged his "friends" to go fight in the jungles of 'Nam, but he himself got seven frickin' deferments. Seven! Think back, guys. How could you have gotten seven deferments? What would you have had to have done to muck out seven of those critters? I think he did a Monica on somebody at the Draft Board and he's been trying to prove his shock 'n awe ever since. It's so simple.
12:44 AM on 04/17/2008
12:53 AM on 04/17/2008
I've read SEVEN in a number of quality places.
12:22 AM on 04/17/2008
Why isn't he in jail?
12:20 AM on 04/17/2008
he is about as funny as a dying kid. I dont get this stuff i mean does this man not have better things to do than make jokes. I mean are we not at War??? where does he get the balls to make jokes like these while american soldiers are dying because of his lies and terrible judgement. He should spend some time with these heros families and spend less time working on his comedy. It amazes me how he can joke about how much people hate him and the fact that people think he is a war criminal but then i remember he doesnt care what the american people think. this man is pure evil and represents everything that is wrong with this country.
01:16 AM on 04/17/2008
rubes187 Im with you all the way. What also rankles my butt is the supposed "free press" laughing and enjoying themselves. And they wonder why we dont believe a word they write. The repubs have the press in their pocket and they seem proud of it. They have absolutely no shame and no concience.
12:15 AM on 04/17/2008
Cheney had seven deferments during the Vietnam War, and finally had to get the wife pregnant to stay out of harm's way. All the time he was in support of the war. What a frickin' coward.
12:15 AM on 04/17/2008
Bet he'll be crackin' 'em up at the Hague.
12:41 AM on 04/17/2008
If that could only be true. Cheney on trial by the World Court. Such a pleasant thought and wish.

Never happen though, Neo Cons think they are blessed by gods and wars are a righteous cause to fight for. Myself, I did not watch since all I see with this man is the GRIM REAPER.
12:15 AM on 04/17/2008
He is an azz but at least he is semi funny.

12:12 AM on 04/17/2008
Did Cheney make any jokes about his many deferments to avoid Vietnam while he played with his wife and used that as the excuse to not be one of the 58,000 American dead?
12:21 AM on 04/17/2008
Did you?
12:34 AM on 04/17/2008
awebuddy, Jerk I was there for eighteen months, so pull your head out of you know where.
12:48 AM on 04/17/2008
If you don't know Cheney is a coward, you are hurtin'.
12:11 AM on 04/17/2008
I didn't bother watching the video. Screw Cheney.
12:10 AM on 04/17/2008
I suppose even Stalin knew a few good jokes.
12:14 AM on 04/17/2008
Too bad Cheney doesn't.
12:21 AM on 04/17/2008
Apparently comparison jokes aren't your bag.
12:07 AM on 04/17/2008
He is 'funny' in a eerie sort of cold shiver, goose pimplly sort of way. You almost expect horns
to raise out of his forehead and his forked tongue to flip out of his mouth.