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11:25 PM on 04/22/2008
Hey, who knows, maybe the photo editor works undercover for Karl Rove. There must be some rational explanation.
11:17 PM on 04/22/2008
Scene: L.A. Book Fair, question period.

Me: Miss Huffington, why has the Huffington Post become a forum white male hating ? And how does that help the progressive movement in general and Obama's campaign in particular? ( I stutter but I think I can get it out).
11:44 PM on 04/22/2008
I concur! Stop bashing uneducated white males! If you were bashing African Americans as thoroughly on this forum there would be a sever racial backlash! Perhaps that is what happened in Pennsyvania
05:49 AM on 04/23/2008
No, that's what will happen if Clinton wins the nomination.
09:26 AM on 04/23/2008
I was going to say this is beyond rational but now I get it.

We're all a bunch of adrenalin junkies here.

Are you getting REALLY mad as you post & read, read & post?
Making it hard on yourself to get to work on time because you can't pull away?
Letting chores slide?

This is interesting and fun but not so important. If we could all stop shouting and name calling we might actually learn from each other.
11:06 PM on 04/22/2008
Talk about stereotyping... You just had to pick-out 2 fat white men....Hey, how come not black men, hispanics, or women? I mean, come on, obesity is epidemic across the board in America, not just white men. Matter of fact, white men have LESS problems with hypertension, etc. then the other groups I mentioned.
05:50 AM on 04/23/2008
Wow another racist hypocrite.
09:21 AM on 04/23/2008
HOW? I'm stating a fact.
10:48 PM on 04/22/2008
Clinton has handed this election (the one in November, not this sideshow in PA) to McCain. That is her intent. Appeal to fear and bigotry, toss in with the "vast right wing conspiracy" who hate her, by the way, then bask in her queenliness and hope people are too stupid to know the difference. They are. And they will give this election to McCain because Hillary has made herself so obnoxious that only half of Democrats will support her, stay home, and John McSame will win. I am horrified by the prospect. She's going to have to go a long way to get my vote, much as I refuse to vote for the supposed opponents. They are all the same as long as nobody fights the military industrial complex, says a word about prosecuting the current administration, or gives a damn about half of the country.
11:39 PM on 04/22/2008
Get off your rocket ship and come to earth! This was inevitable! Obama is not accepted as presidential fodder by the great silent majority!

In addition your young crowd should recognize seniority that is a process for all Americans to advance through a political party or labor union and accumulate an aurora of leadership! Apparently your young crowd abjectly rejects any of Clinton's democratic econumiuns or recognitions! For you young folks past accomplishments are irrelevant and deserve no consideration!

Remeber Mr Obama may still be offered the job of driving Miss daisy!
09:36 AM on 04/23/2008
er, I am 60.

But maybe I think young.

Seniority is means the sameOsameO. You buy in and then you can't really change anything because the price of admission is agreeing to perpetuate the process.

Leadership is thus impossible.
10:21 AM on 04/23/2008
not while hes ahead buddy......and the way i see it he ain't comin down no time soon.....
10:21 PM on 04/22/2008
FINALLY, SOUR, RESIGNED PEOPLE ALL ACROSS PENNSYLVANIA HAVE THEIR DAY OF RECKONING. The slapfest between the junior Senator from Illinois and the junior Senator from New York reached its apex today in Pennsylvania's rich, contrarian soil. Today's highly anticipated brawl is billed as potentially a knock-out fight. I say may the best man win.
Crabby, a bitter, native Pennsylvanian, suspects that those who are betting on a KO will lose: I'm waging Billary wins with an 8 to 12 percent margin. But I'll happily eat crow if I'm wrong; crow is a constant on the bitter's menu.Because 'bitter' is the name of today's game, Crabby has scoured the web looking for all things jaded to entertain the hard-hearted. Check it out while you're waiting for the final score. It's a reminder that you don't need to hail from Pennsylvania; bitter is a state of mind. Taking a dim view of celebrity, media and power.
12:00 AM on 04/23/2008
crabby how dose crow taste?
11:17 AM on 04/23/2008
He said 8-12 and it was 10. Sounds pretty spot on to me.
08:45 PM on 04/23/2008
You need to change your moniker H. L. Menken. You do a disservice to him./
10:16 PM on 04/22/2008
It's way stupid to juxtapose this photo with the title of Edsell's piece. In tandem with Nora Ephon's blog, one might conclude that Bush Sr. and his black bag boys got to Arianna Huffington; her price: shear off white male voters from the progressive block. You know the ones that Dean was talking about wanting; the ones with the "easy rider rifle rack" in the window of their F-250. Good work Huff editors.

An alternate explanation is that someone's on their period and/or getting a divorce from their, you guessed it, white husband. Don't be bitter sweety, there's more on every porch.
10:08 PM on 04/22/2008
i just set this picture as my background pic. it is hilarious. no one can deny that this is an accurate depiction of a large segment of our population. hense the penn. primary results. tupid is as tupid does.
10:23 PM on 04/22/2008
Hillary is projected to win. Now what?
10:26 PM on 04/22/2008
Uh, they count the delegates?
10:50 PM on 04/22/2008
I see comments like this and I can see why some people in this country view Progressives/Liberals as elitists. Yes, there are many people in this country who do not attend college. There are people who work in factories and garages, spending their days toiling away at blue collar jobs. There are many people who do not have jobs either by choice or against their will. Have I seen guys like the ones in he picture above? Yeah! Are they different than me? Yeah! This idea that certain people are better than others pisses me off. I see it from some Democrats, Republicans, liberals and conservatives. Yes, I believe that certain individuals can be ignorant in their lifestyle and manners, but to make a assumption about a certain sect of white America (or any "other" America) just because they do not appear socially desirable in your eyes is no different than a white man making an assumption about African-Americans just because they are from the projects. Not all rural white Americans are racists, and not all African-Americans from the projects are gang bangers/drug dealers. Between this and Nora Ephron's blog, I have to say that I am severely disappointed Huffington Post, but I will continue to read.
09:54 PM on 04/22/2008
That's Ted Stevens on the left. The guy on the right is a bridge contractor.
11:05 PM on 04/22/2008
Perceptive as to the bridge contractor. Irons, as in tying?
09:30 PM on 04/22/2008
lol the white people need to stop being so sensitive and pc. It's just a picture. Get over it.
10:23 PM on 04/22/2008
Hey, thanks for giving me my new response for when African Americans complain about racism.

"Get over it." .. thnx!
11:29 AM on 04/23/2008
lol you obviously missed my point. That's basically the kneejerk response that whites always give when African-Americans have something to say regarding racism.
11:19 AM on 04/23/2008
Just a picture. It served no purpose? Why did they waste the space if it was just a picture?
08:17 PM on 04/22/2008
Just remember that this is a Democrat house party. This is about the Democratic primary. Leave the Republicans and Conservatives out of this. The disenfranchised are on the left.
08:00 PM on 04/22/2008
I see white people are upset about a picture of two white guys. Wow.

I guess WHITE PEOPLE can call the PC police too! 8>D
11:00 PM on 04/22/2008
What goes around comes around. It doesn't have anything to do with calling the pc police.
07:53 PM on 04/22/2008
Bikers for Obama
07:51 PM on 04/22/2008
Too late to remove that photo. It`s probably all over the internet by now.
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07:43 PM on 04/22/2008
I hear those guys are Edsall's cousins, on his mom's side...
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08:12 PM on 04/22/2008
cute stomach, huh?
You can't not know. You can't not care.
08:18 PM on 04/22/2008
Why, I'm shocked they didn't ask my permission before using my photo!
07:41 PM on 04/22/2008
It is interesting that the bin Laden ad doesn't feature anything that happened during the Clinton presidency. How does she claim any more experience on anything she's questioning Obama on?