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America is in REVERSE!
05:53 PM on 04/25/2008
Beyond sad is all I can say. But yet America is not mean (according to Sean Hannity). I supposed they fired their weapons 50 + times at an unarmed man out of love? This country is regressing and this story along with other so many others that happen in general are proof. Murder should always be a last resort the initial reaction to a perceived threat or wrong. As a Black woman it breaks my heart when young black men die needlessly and senselessly at the hands of the law or other Black men. What happened to the unity in "OUR" community from the days of MLK and Malcolm? Were we never met a stranger and everyone was a "brotha" or a "sista" regardless of race? Come on people enough already. Only an IDIOT reacts to a situation. People in control need to think before they act.
Extreme Centre
05:47 PM on 04/25/2008
Burn, baby, burn.
05:42 PM on 04/25/2008
Every blog in the Country is letting this thread go unsencored. I thoght the week-end book burners didn't clock in until7 O'clock.
05:41 PM on 04/25/2008
Has anyone read the court transcripts?
Liberal Democrat
05:33 PM on 04/25/2008
When I read about the police brutality, yes there may be few compared to the thugs and the gangs on the street, it makes my blood boil. How come most of these cops are kiiling people of color and not the whites as if whites dont commit crime? POlice is created by the community but it seems that the coomunity is serving the Police here. 5 out of 10 officers who have approached me are looking at me as if I am a criminal right away. POlice is trained to be better than the general public in handling crisis - who is training?? They are behaving like gangsters themselves. I hope the community in New york takes notice and not let this go away ...the Police must be held accountable for an innocent person murder.
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07:24 PM on 04/25/2008
Many policemen are people of color. I don't get your point.
I came, I saw, I commented
08:31 PM on 04/25/2008
If everyone is raised within a racist paradigm, then you are bound to find some people of color who believe it themselves. Clarence Thomas comes to mind...
05:27 PM on 04/25/2008
there were two black cops and one white cop...the majority of trials are by jury... Usually the defense will only choose a bench trial is when they know that they are innocent and the law is behind them...4 am.. the guys are outside a club that is known for prostitutin, they are taunting and threatenting that they have a gun... and this is the day this guy is getting married...
07:19 PM on 04/25/2008
So he was fooling around on the woman he had made a commitment to. Are you saying we should kill ANYONE who behaves like Newt Gingrich?
09:31 PM on 04/25/2008
There are so many things wrong with your post. First off, the fact that 1 cop is white, another black, and the 3rd black-Hispanic doesn't disprove that race wasn't a factor. If racism is institutionalized into the culture of law enforcement, then the race of the officers matters little in assessing their actions. They'll continue to act in a racist & unjust manner like a well-oiled machine b/c that's how they're taught.

2nd, that is not the reason people opt for bench trials. Strategically you'd want one if you think the jury will convict and you think you have a better shot with a "dispassionate" judge. Remember the defense first tried to get the case transferred upstate, away from a diverse NYC jury pool. When that failed, then they opted for the bench trial. From a strategic standpoint it's virtually impossible for most laypeople to rationalize 50 shots at unarmed suspects. The defense correctly assumed that the judge would not be all that phased by sheer # of shots fired.

3rd what the club is known for is irrelevant, especially since the police didn't come after them b/c they believed the "crime" of prostitution was about to happen. The taunting/threatening is just the police version of events. No blows were thrown during that altercation and the participants dispersed on their own. If it was so dangerous, the police should have interrupted then & there BEFORE the victims could have retrieved the gun that supposedly existed.
05:25 PM on 04/25/2008
Four decades of legal work, and the Judge will be remembered only for this miscarraige.

One can stay at the fair too long, whether in politics or in the legal world.
Extreme Centre
05:22 PM on 04/25/2008
I remember high school. I remember who became a cop. Anyone have a different story?
06:04 PM on 04/25/2008
Why is it always that way?
06:11 PM on 04/25/2008
I have several friends who become cops and they were good guys in school and they are still good guys.
06:42 PM on 04/25/2008
My sister is married to a cop, and he is also a good guy , but let me tell you he is fighting a hard fight. You wouldn't believe how corrupt police are. The stories he tells me are very very scary.
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07:38 PM on 04/25/2008
Most policemen risk their lives everyday. Their families live in fear everyday. Their pay is not comparable to the risk. Easy to critcize when you benefit from the good that they do EVERYDAY, and you will never be required to walk in their shoes.

Death is always tragic. Policemen are far from perfect. Some people police shoot are innocent, but does a policemen know that in a fraction of a second when a van with tinted windows is speeding at him.
05:19 PM on 04/25/2008
Dear Moderators:

I understand why you may be holding back postings, but it may be counter-productive. Let the people vent, get it off their chest so we can move on.
05:18 PM on 04/25/2008

The "Grand Old Party"/GOP is the party of the right/Christian/conservatives. If that is the case, why do so many minorities and gay and lesbians believe they are elitist, bigots?

Can bigots be Christian? Why do the GOP try to "out Christian" everyone else? Are these types of hypocrisies the reason many have stopped going to church? How many blacks or hispanics do Hannity or Rush have in their church's congregation?

Just asking.
"Fu! Rin! Ka! Zan!"
10:24 PM on 04/25/2008
"Be thou not as the hypocrites, who love to pray on the street corners and in the synagogues, that they may be seen by men. For I say unto you, they have their reward!"

"Woe unto the rich, woe unto the rich, for I say unto you, they have their reward!"

"It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

And there's the Story of The Good Samaritan.

But the "Gang of Pedophiles" is anything but Christian IMHO:

"Family values" like the locals in THE HILLS HAVE EYES. Caligula and Boss Tweed would be proud of the GOP of the 21st century.

Leland R. Erickson

05:07 PM on 04/25/2008
There is no justice when it come's down to police, verses the community's. And to the person on this blog that's trying to tell people how to spell, the hell with that, you knew what that person was saying to correct them. So shut up, and stop being pompus...Are you a COP? New York Police sucks...ANd so do New Orleans, and probably everywhere else...
04:50 PM on 04/25/2008
Two of the officers were African American, but many writers say it was racist because they were cops.
The judge felt the testimony did not prove quilt beyond a reasonable doubt for all you who say the constitution matters no more. I was not at the trial and neither were the other writers. After reading these readers comments, I guess we should cancel the reasonable portion requirement to read that it is only a fair trial if the verdict goes the way the masses want. I have tried and been at many trials that if your read was the press reported and what really happened at the trial you would think you were in different Court Rooms.
Extreme Centre
04:47 PM on 04/25/2008
One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen. Geez. Only sixteen. Get the drift? My God I hope heaven exists for some. Still, it isn't enough. Nor is there sufficient punishment for those guilty. God?

God?? Didn't think so...
06:29 PM on 04/25/2008
Yep only 16 OF THE 51 FIRED. I do not hold any hatred to police in America. Though personally knowing cops there are some that are good and some that are bad. But over all I can not hold admiration for someone with a license to kill.
04:47 PM on 04/25/2008
The first time a Police Officer lied in the witness stand should have been the last time their testimony was deemed "pure" as an officer of the court. This simple presumption have landed many innocent behind bars. I say that with a heavy heart, for I have read a false Police report with my own two eyes, and it shattered my faith in Justice.
04:45 PM on 04/25/2008
Did anyone actually follow the events during the trial? Or are we just commenting reflexively? Honestly, the Prosecution witnesses where total disgraces. You would be hard pressed to find any other witnesses who were bigger disasters in American history. It was something out of a hysterical comedy. Whether or not you think they are guilty, in America, it would be a disgrace to convict anyone (police or civilian) on the testimony of someone who told 5 different stories, and even admitted they lied on the stand, repeatedly.