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06:43 AM on 04/27/2008
It's been clear from that start that he's been trying to sabotage her campaign. He might think that it's a mistake for her to run. Why else would he keep making gaffes and talk to the press when she explicitly told him not to. She's been very controlling and acting bizarrely, that is clear. If the public sees that she's crazy, then there must be more than what Bill sees. She is destroying his name and discrediting her family. I think that if I were Bill, I would be completely freaking out about all of this. She is off her rocker. She treats Obama with such disdain and is clearly having problems keeping herself together... it's probably taken a really big toll on him.

But maybe he just doesn't want to be the first "first man".

Look, I'm all for having a female president... someday... but SHE IS NOT THE ONE.

Maybe he supports Obama.
07:49 AM on 04/27/2008
I agree. To paraphrase Claude Rains in Casablanca, I remember when Bill Clinton blundered his way into two terms in the White House, defeating an incumbent the first time. Anyone can make a gaffe, but Bill Clinton couldn't have made this many unless they were intentional.

He knows Hillary better than anyone else knows her, and he is not a warmongerer. Although he may not be the most moral guy in the world, he abhors using Presidential power to needlessly and wastefully kill and maim young Americans and Iraqis -- and understands that Hillary's narrow world view (neoCon-light based on her record and comments during the campaign) means that many more young Amerians and Iraqis and others will be needlessly killed and maimed if she is elected, as she is a warmongerer by ideology, limited world view and inclination. That is unacceptable to him.

He can't outright oppose her, so he commits relatively transparent acts of sabotage to her campaign and is willing to take the hit as the "heavy" for doing it. Also, as Obama's articulated policy on Iraq is nearly identical to Hillary's (change the designation on some troops from "combat troops" to "non-combat troops" and keep then in Iraq indefinitely), he doesn't feel it's work breaking with her by supporting Obama anyway.
06:40 AM on 04/27/2008
Talk about Regan's problem, Bill Clinton's dementia is just unfolding.. When Bill Clinton endorseed McCain in March that was the ultimate red flag.
Imagine tthe Clinton's back in the White House, it's three in the morning and Bill thinks he's finally found Hillory's G-spot, reaches into the hot box and pushes red button. Tthere goes Russia, and Manhatten Island is now off the coast on Montana.
Hillory is no devoted Nancy Regan. Dementia combined physical vitality is a bad equation. Hillary better be ready for a Day One Solution. Maybe a polygamous merry-go-round could keep Bill busy and out of trouble. Oh that's already been tried, more or less.
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08:50 AM on 04/27/2008
Sorry, Bill is NOT demented. He has made a few mistakes -- so do you, but his are made in full view of the press and media. I saw him speak in Pennsylvania for 40 minutes with no notes, ticking off facts and figures in complete, grammatically correct paragraphs. Sorry, but the man does still have the same brilliance that got him (and us) through eight years with no deficits and no all-out wars. It's just the media's perception of him. Meanwhile, McCain makes many more mistakes in his comments and seeks endorsements by crazy prejudiced preachers but gets a free media pass.
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06:36 AM on 04/27/2008
If he just had an intern, and a cigar, the guy could relax a little bit. Hey, here's a BUBBA from Hope, AR who made it to the White House. He and his wife, you know who, acted like kings and queens. Now, poor Bill has to schlep around while it's his wife who gets all the attention. So, give the man a tiparillo, to pass along to someone who cares, and he will be just fine.
07:57 AM on 04/27/2008
LOL :)
04:56 AM on 04/27/2008
I think it is a combination of everything, bypass, ego, and the fact that he just can't beleive his wife is losing to a new guy on the block. To top it off he is black. They really think that Hillary was up next and they blew it.
It is too bad, I never rememberhim going this negative in 1992 or 1996. As a matter of fact, that is why I voted for him. He was the new positive politican we needed during bad economic times. Now he can't understand that they are on the wrong side of the coin this time.
03:46 AM on 04/27/2008
It's hard to know what to think about ol' Bill. He knows he took Hillary on a decades long emotional trip with the payoff being helping get her elected president. Can you imagine the hell he'll face if she doesn't pull it off?!!
Also, as everyone knows theirs isn't the perfect marriage and after doubting it, I'm starting to believe he sometimes purposely does things to sabotage her (maybe the spillover from a spat?). The Bosnia thing is a perfect example. After videos clearly showed she lied about the trip, he tells a slew of "misstatements," easily verifiable, supposedly in her defense and was called on it.
I also cannot see him wasting his slimmed down and hyper-tanned appearance by not chasing a few skirts sooner or later.
Their focus on loyalty to them at the expense of the country, and known habits for seeking revenge are legendary and scary. Can you imagine what they'd do to the people who didn't support her if they get presidential power again? Yikes! Then again, Hillary's such a schitzo, he may be the only thing that would keep her from "obliterating" some country unnessarily.
These people give dysfunctional a bad name. What the hell are her supporters thinking?!
08:01 AM on 04/27/2008
I just finished the Bernstein bio, and it is pretty clear that Hillary has been a PR problem (as well as his savior each time he has been caught with his pants unzipped). Her arrogance and unpopularity was blamed for the loss of congress in 1994, and afterwards SHE withdrew from active participation in policy-making, and (here is the capper) she replaced herself as his major advisor with (no kidding) DICK MORRIS. What kind of judgment is that?
03:42 AM on 04/27/2008
He's still verbal. He's not still "brilliant."
06:45 AM on 04/27/2008
Isn't it hard to be verbal when he always has his foot in his mouth?
03:27 AM on 04/27/2008
They are losing it because they didn't realize it's a new day in politics. They are playing the same old tired dirty game and the American people are feed up with their style of politics.
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07:36 AM on 04/27/2008
And they are playing old style dirty politics of division against one of the most exciting, charismatic, unifying candidates in modern history. Bill Clinton is not just Hillary's husband, he is a former president of the United States and head of the Democratic Party. He should feel and show some responsibility to the party and the nation. The Clintons are very selfish people.
03:21 AM on 04/27/2008
and all the queen's horses and all the queen's men couldn't put bubba-dumpty back together again...
03:20 AM on 04/27/2008
Probably losing it because he promised his wife the Presidency after he got caught getting a BJ from Monica. Looks like his promise isn't coming through and he's going to be in some hot water with the Hill.
03:20 AM on 04/27/2008
What if Bill hasn't "lost" anything -- he's the same as he's always been, and the difference is just that most people aren't suckered by it anymore?
I used to be disgusted...
07:15 AM on 04/27/2008
02:48 AM on 04/27/2008
With Hillary out campaigning all the time the Clintons probably haven't had much time for lovemaking. Give Bill a break. He probably hasn't had any sex at all in the past 15 months. You'd be grouchy too.
09:33 AM on 04/27/2008
yikes! Monster Bush.
01:32 AM on 04/27/2008
It’s his heart problems that have rendered him mildly incompetent. I don’t get why no one picks up on these health things. This is what’s wrong with Cheney. When you’re in the OR for heart stuff there is sometimes diminished blood flow to the brain. The damage is PERMANENT
01:40 AM on 04/27/2008
Your wrong.
02:45 AM on 04/27/2008
That's "you're."
03:43 AM on 04/27/2008
Well he is right for 3 out of 3 in my family.
02:45 AM on 04/27/2008
Hey! Quit using those technical terms and spell it out so us laymen can understand what you're talking about. Health things, Heart stuff?
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01:26 AM on 04/27/2008
This is sad, Bill was a great president. I have seen him speak. The democratic party doesnot deserve such greatness, Obama will never be as good as Bill was. Walk away Clintons, America's democratic party does not deserve you.
01:33 AM on 04/27/2008
does Rush pay overtime?
01:33 AM on 04/27/2008
LOL you're cute...I guess HIll doesn't deserve him either, right? Hopefully he never gave her any STD's.
02:24 AM on 04/27/2008
What do Obama supporters want? Tearing down Bill Clinton as a racist? I guess when a white man is not supporting Obama, even if his own wife is the competition, he's racist. I don't support Obama. I guess that means I am a racist in your book, regardless of whether I really am or not. But I guess you must want me to be a racist, since you keep telling me I am because I don't support Obama.

I actually read an article on yahoo news called "Bill Clinton is no brother";_ylt=Al7oCfOsk2d0a2PG5ZPP.zQGw_IE

Reverend Wright, Obama's preacher, can goddamn America from the pulpit, and that's okay with Obama's supporters. Does Obama want race wars? Does Oprah? It sure looks and sounds like it to me. Payback. No more honorary blackness for Bill. Support Obama or else! Race wars! White people must pay! Africa is the real promised land. Jesus was black. Blacks are more godly than any other race! They are all good people who the evil white people, each and every one of them, hate and plot to kill.

How uplifting and hopeful is this message? Is this how you bring people together? Everyone knows Bill Clinton was once the grand dragon of the KKK and HIllary was right there with him. Isn't that right (sarcasm)? This is sheer insanity, and all it does is create more hate and fear. How senseless.
01:14 AM on 04/27/2008
maybe hillzilla has got him by the cojones just like she does the democratic party and the american people ......................................
01:24 AM on 04/27/2008
We can only hope.
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12:52 AM on 04/27/2008
You guys really do need to read the literature on the personality changes that follow bypass surgery. Wonder how many Dick's had? Anyways, I'd wager that John is due for his rather soon, and then guess what we'll have instead of a 'maverick'?
a clinical phenomenon.
I'll be looking for the website reference, but you heard it here first.
01:01 AM on 04/27/2008
OMG...Scary thought. I'm already very, very concerned about McCain's emotional and mental health, but throwing that in the mix is extremely worrisome. Plus the way the dems are self destructing, it's looking more and more likely every day McCain will be POTUS. The more I'm learning about him, the more I don't want his finger on the button.
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01:23 AM on 04/27/2008
Just throw a hat on his bed---that'll do it.
01:31 AM on 04/27/2008

"Brain damage during bypass surgery is so common that hospital personnel refer to it as “pump head.”

"In 2001, an article in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that 5-years after bypass surgery 42% of patients showed decline in mental function of approximately 20 percent or more. A study published this year (2008) in the Annals of Thoracic Surgery using MRI testing just after bypass surgery found brain damage in 51% of patients."
02:06 AM on 04/27/2008
anyone that is going in for heart bypass surgery....please don't let what is posted here scare you. this info comes from a Dr. McDougall. Not someone you would take seriously. All questions that you have will be answered by your doctor.