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Samuel Nnadi
Detail Oriented
07:07 PM on 10/07/2011
Americans must be very careful about Mitt Romney's insurgency. Mitt Romney is another George W. Bush. His foreign policy speech is the same as George W. Bush foreign perspective. Another George W. Bush in the White House will be a major blow to American economy. American are not ready for another war in Iran or elsewhere.
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01:59 AM on 10/08/2011
I agree, having three George W. Bush foreign policies in a row would be tragic. We've already had 11 years of it, let's stop it when it hits 12.
Ignore rudeness, honor discussion
05:46 PM on 10/07/2011
Now I can fully understand why the Republicans are so franticaly searching for a vailid candidate. Between Mitt's choices, Herman's lies, and Perry's being on the government paycheck since college, they need someone. Huntsman may emerge yet. Or maybe Mickey Mouse?
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02:00 AM on 10/08/2011
The republicans have a great candidate who will end the wars. It'll be interesting to see if they're smart enough to vote for him.
05:11 PM on 10/07/2011
I saw an interview of Mitt Romney - at one point he was walking down a hallway - answering questions as he moved forward. Behind him - literally filling the hallway as they followed their dad - were his five sons. I mean these guys are healthy - shoulders that won't quit - and more teeth than is decent. How can they not want to participate in protecting this country. Allright maybe not all five. But not even ....3 of 5 or....being that Dad has a doctrine.. say 2 of five or even .. one?
I must say - and I wish all the Romneys' well, but that is an uncomfortable situation. If he were President and had to comfort those who had lost sons or daughters serving our country - how could he do it when not one of his children has stepped forward? There was a time when a man who was divorced was considered unelectable. Who is advising Mitt - that this military non-service a non issue?
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05:07 PM on 10/07/2011
God did not create this country to be a nation of followers.­"

He wants us to boost up dictators and whimsically invade nations....and balance the budget.
Fruit don't talk. Fruit just listens... and waits
04:28 PM on 10/07/2011
"God did not create this country to be a nation of followers."

What?!! Is he actually saying....wait...what is he saying? God created America?
Ajax Johnson
Am I myself or is it just me?
10:46 PM on 10/07/2011
And the military are our Crusaders?
~ Turn over a new leaf ~
04:18 PM on 10/07/2011
Oh come on, you didn't think mittsters was going to come up with something original, did ya?
03:35 PM on 10/07/2011
Cohen admits to incompetence. Good pick, Mitt.
03:33 PM on 10/07/2011
Hayden was in charge of the NSA when the WTC attacks occurred. There's a scandal there.
03:31 PM on 10/07/2011
Doesn't Chertoff mean "Satan" in Russian?
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03:29 PM on 10/07/2011
Unless Ron Paul were to win the Republican Nomination it looks at though this will be an other "hold your nose" election.
Note: I believe restoring individual liberty, closing the military bases outside the US and a sensible and much less costly drug policy would make accepting anything else in a Paul Presidency worth it.
03:29 PM on 10/07/2011
A bunch of criminals. The country suffered a devastating attack under their watch, then responded like a bull elephant with a lobotomy. We need no more of these stupid people.
Pragmatic dreamer
03:24 PM on 10/07/2011
Mitt, before wanting to fix the problems of the world, tell us what you will make to resolve the inside problem you create
An Independent Woman
Honni soit qui mal y pense
03:22 PM on 10/07/2011
How telling is it that Mittens gives the most important speech he's ever given, argueably, trying to demonstrate his command of foreign policy. Rather than giving the speech before a more neutral, shall we say, audience, he chooses to give his speech before the Citadel. Now I'm sure the Citadel is a wonderful institution, but don't you think it sends the wrong message not only to Mitts potential constituents but to the world at large? The TWO wars we have been involved in since 2001 and 2003, respectively, have worn us out, exhausted both our coffers and our people. We are sick and tired of wars and what they cost monetarily and physically. Most to the world looks at us as an agressor. We can't afford another war. We are fed up with the militarism that we've seen blossom under President Bush continue under President Obama. We want out. We want an end to this insanity. We have issues to contend with that far, far outweigh whatever issues got us involved in these wars (does anyone remember why we went to Afghanistan. To find Bin Laden. Found him. We should be out; Why are we in Iraq? WMD, None there! Ooops. We should be out.).
I want my country to have a bright future. Talk of peace, Mittens. Talk of compromise, Mittens. Talk of the world's hopes for the 21st century. I, for one, don't want to study war no more....
Compromise is not a 4 Letter Word
05:55 PM on 10/07/2011
F & F and right there with you. We don't need to get in a "World P*ssing Contest" to see who's the most powerful. Be an example. Take care of US first.
03:18 PM on 10/07/2011
Of course it would be Bush, Part II--Romney does not have an original thought in this head. In other words, more wars if Romney gets elected.
Don't Let The Bastards Win
03:05 PM on 10/07/2011
Another Paper Bag is going to win that matchup