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Hotels Hire Adorable Pets As Greeters (PHOTOS)

Posted: 07/13/2012 7:00 am

Though most hotels don't welcome pets, that hasn't stop some from using them as greeters. The lobbies of many high end hotels are made homier by the presence of furry and feathered hotel staffers. What they lack in work ethic, they make for up for in ability to change the ambiance of an entire establishment with a single tail wag.

Yes, many of these animals belong to the proprietors of hotels so there is the element of convenience here, but there is also a decision making process that arrives at this conclusion: People like having animals around.

We certainly do.

--Jennifer M. Wood, Condé Nast Traveler

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    <strong>Kirkland, Washington</strong> Woody, the Woodmark Hotel's "Director of Guest Satisfaction," hosts visiting pooches during Wednesday Yappier Hours—a warm-weather happy hour for pups and their owners. To make sure you won't forget his cute face after your stay, the two-year-old labradoodle has a stash of stuffed dog toys—made in his likeness—that he gives to the hotel's four-legged guests. When he's not mingling with his fellow canines, Woody keeps touch via his very own Tumblr account. <em>Photo: Courtesy The Woodmark</em>


    <strong>Lake Placid, New York</strong> The best way to see Lake Placid? From the lake, of course. Maggie, the eight-year-old resident golden retriever at the Lake Placid Lodge is happy to oblige when it comes to a tour of the town's famed waterway. She'll accompany guests on the hotel's Hackercraft—and even take a dip when the weather allows for it. <em>Photo: Courtesy Lake Placid Lodge</em>


    <strong>St. Barts</strong> When she isn't sniffing out the catch of the day at the seafood-focused Restaurant des Pecheurs, Cookie the Cat keeps busy soaking up all the good vibes that St. Barts has to offer at Le Sereno, on Grand Cul de Sac Beach. The island’s first-class pedigree seems to agree with the puss, whose gold-flecked eyes match her signature yellow, rhinestone-studded collar. <em>Photo: Courtesy Le Sereno</em>


    <strong>Los Angeles, California</strong> The clean team at Los Angeles' Hotel Palomar get a little company while tidying up—Nikos, this dapper rescue terrier, loves spending time with the housekeeping crew. He attends their morning meetings, and even assists with occasional room inspections. <em>Photo: Courtesy Nikos</em>


    <strong>Ojai, California</strong> That warbling you hear as you make your way around California's Ojai Valley Inn & Spa? That's Casper, the convivial white cockatoo who took up residence here in 2008. Playing to his audience from a spacious aviary, Casper spends his days whistling at the ladies who walk by and singing a few bars from his favorite tunes, all from his post beneath the Topa Topa mountains. <em>Photo: Courtesy Ojai Valley Inn & Spa</em>


    <strong>San Francisco, California</strong> Romeo, the two-year-old rat terrier/Queensland heeler mix at San Francisco's Hotel Triton is full of tricks: He assists the staff (and entertains visitors) by hitching a ride on the bell cart to help with luggage deliveries, opens doors, and retrieves and delivers tips to staffers. <em>Photo: Courtesy Hotel Triton</em>


    <strong>Nice, France</strong> The customer is always right... unless that customer has a problem with Carmen, the resident cat at the Hotel Le Negresco in Nice, France. For eight years, this independent-minded orange tabby has had the run of the house at this five-star, beachfront resort. Though she's taken a shine to the bar area (smart kitty), the hotel lobby, main stairway, and top of the lighted (read: warm) display case are also favorite nooks. Just remember the number one rule of the house: Carmen always gets first dibs; moving or waking her is never allowed. <em>Photo: Courtesy Hotel Le Negresco</em>


    <strong>Riverside, California</strong> Back in the early 1900s, The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside, California was known for the macaws that flew about its grounds, thanks to the hotel's original proprietor, Frank Miller. Today, owner Duane Roberts (who purchased the property two decades ago) keeps the tradition alive with the blue and gold-feathered Napoleon and rainbow-coated Josephine, who welcome guests from their perch beside the hotel lobby's main entrance. <em>Photo: Courtesy Mission Inn</em>


    <strong>La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada</strong> At Quebec's Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu, seven-year-old black Lab Jordy is an outdoorsy type—he spends his time in the fresh air, leading visitors through the many forest trails along the hotel's river shoreline. <em>Photo: Courtesy Fairmont Le Manoir</em>


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