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Blogger Series: London Fashion (VIDEO)

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Fashion Foie Gras
For most of us a high-flying full-time career is more than enough, but not Emily Johnston - the (super)-woman behind the globally successful blog: 'Fashion Foie Gras'. Approaching the blog's 1st anniversary, she speaks to of how she could never have dreamt of the heights that it has taken her in such a short space of time. The freedom that comes with voicing opinions to an online audience being one of the main attractions to writing; Miss Foie Gras relishes the fact that there is no ulterior agenda, how not being paid to write also means that no-one can place limits on what she can or cannot say. Having written about subjects ranging from couture to how to dress in Walmart, her blog defines the breadth of her love of fashion. On the topic of London and the talent that it cultivates, she speaks of the edginess and freedom for designers here to express themselves on the runway, how it is the place to 'discover new talent' and how she finds it exhilarating to be able to comment and document those inspirational talents she has the privilege of uncovering.

Watch's video here:

Mademoiselle Robot
Meet Laetitia Wajnapel, another blogger with multiple roles on her plate. Juggling editorial and social media consulting as well as motherhood, she adds to her day the task of tweeting the latest in fashion news to her 3899 followers and updating her hugely popular fashion and lifestyle blog 'Mademoiselle Robot'. Originally from Paris, her background in journalism and her experience in writing about subjects ranging from pop culture to video games lent her a hand in developing a strong online presence. With expert knowledge in the editorial aspect of websites, she offers advice on how to create a personality behind a brand, on a daily basis. She speaks of loving fashion and style, but wanting to continue staying on the sidelines, knowing that working for a fashion magazine is not an industry for her.

Watch's video here:

Liberty London Girl
Having been an editor for fourteen years, Sasha Wilkins now writes for an entirely new mass following. As the writer behind 'Liberty London Girl', she is one of the top advocates for bloggers. She loves the democracy of the online world, which is a far cry from the protectiveness she finds in print journalists. For three out of her four 'blogging years' she savoured her anonymity. Now that she has come out of her bedroom - literally - and made blogging her business, she finds herself with greater access to what's happening. Her name is essentially a path to further opportunities to meet different talents, in turn creating better content and a more importantly a better read. With the print industry relinquishing their 'gate-keeper' status and the growth of online media, it is vital to her that she is in the position to give her readers an insight into things that they wouldn't normally see.

Watch's video here:

Disney Roller Girl
Roller Girl is one of many bloggers who strive to keep themselves anonymous. Working in the fashion industry, she styles, writes and is a consultant besides maintaining her online persona behind 'Disney Roller Girl'. A London-based professional she prefers to write with a playful edge, rather than be too serious about the subjects she covers, as the creativity that comes with blogging is the main appeal. Being a fashion insider places her in a unique and envious place above the rest of the pack; she is in a position to reveal to the rest of world informed knowledge of what is happening within the industry, as well as the opportunity to express something personal yet hide behind her online alias.

Watch's video here: App now available for Nokia devices from the OVI Store

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