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Corinne McDermott

Corinne McDermott

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An Afternoon in Morón, Cuba (Photos)

Posted: 05/13/11 03:30 PM ET

In the Ciego de Ávila province of central Cuba, Morón is the closest city to the resort areas of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. Had we known that the resort areas were merely hotel zones, we might not have come. However, since most visitors did not venture out of their resorts unless in guided tours, we were afforded a relatively tourist-free glimpse into a real Cuban city -- devoid of Hemingway attractions and women in costume posing with cigars. We loved it.

The Rooster of Morón
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The Rooster of Morón greets you as you enter the city. Legends regarding his existence are plentiful and varied -- the most common being a reminder not to be cocky. He crows every morning at 6 am.
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