A New GI Bill: Serious Economic Stimulus

05/25/2011 12:25 pm ET

Hey, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America have a great idea here, better than most regarding economic stimulus:

As Washington wrangles over the best way to jumpstart the economy, there's one proven strategy for growth that no one is talking about -- a new GI Bill. This year, President Bush can strengthen our country's economy by investing in our newest veterans. The annual price tag for fully funding college for today's veterans is less than the amount of money we spend every two weeks in the "War on Terror".

When President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the original GI Bill in 1944, he ensured that eight million World War II veterans would be able to afford an education. It resulted in higher national productivity, consumer spending and tax revenue. Every dollar spent sending the Greatest Generation to college added seven dollars to our national economy. Sadly, today's GI Bill covers less than 70% of the average cost at a public college and less than two years at a typical private college.

To find our more, and to contact your representatives in Congress, visit Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America at


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