08/28/2010 12:21 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Help the White House "Salute the Troops"

Hey, I was in my late teens when I saw how Viet Nam vets were treated, and it wasn't right.

Now, we have a much better chance to show how much we appreciate the service of Americans fighting for us, via the White House "salute the troops" effort.

The current Administration has been seriously supporting veterans by getting them the educational and medicial benefits they're earned, with a Veterans Administration that's finding new and better way to serve vets.

Now it's our turn, at least to say thanks. Check out that page, do what you can.

You've seen how I'm working with the Department of Veterans Affairs for some time, more next week, and I'm helping vets groups like the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America. My role is always very small, but that's what it takes. Now, I've been asked to think about getting jobs for vets, and I might be asking for your help.

For now, tweeting and on Facebook:

Time to #salutetroops: I appreciate your service, particularly overseas, and will do my small part. Next: jobs for vets.