10/16/2013 03:12 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Startups, Marriage, and Other Things I Did After 35

Hey, I'm on Quora and I noticed that someone asked:

What do people in Silicon Valley plan to do once they hit 35 and are officially over the hill?

Since life in Silicon Valley ends at 35 unless you hit it big or move up in management (and simple logic tells you that most won't), I'm curious what people younger than this think they'll be doing at that age. Well, I started craigslist when I was 42... Folks seemed to really like my answer, or were just surprised by it. To my surprise, the response has received 86K views, 3,300 upvotes, and counting.

MisterEd On that note, I decided to write something regarding the onset of my sunset years...

  • I started craigslist in the last blush of my youth. Experience counts. folks. I learned a lot in my other roles in other jobs, and I brought that with me to craigslist.
  • My involvement in craigslist management ended well over ten years ago. I gave up any management role, but I'm committed to customer service. I do enough real customer service to maintain my emotional investment in the CL and grassroots community.
  • Every day, customer service reminds me that we help millions of people put food on the table.
  • I did some work with nonprofits before 35, but didn't formalize it until I began craigconnects in 2011.
  • Things are starting to not work, as in, my body just isn't as young as I want it to be; am I right, guys?*

*Note: When I say "guys" I almost always mean "people," but in this case I mean "male humans of a certain age."

  • I've really accepted what I am, a nerd, modified by customer service.
  • Somehow I'm still surprised, people are asking questions about what they could easily look up.
  • ... well, some of us waited til after 35 to get married.