Passover Leftover Suggestions

04/13/2009 12:32 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Passover is almost over. You've already eaten a lot of Farfel, Matzah O's and macaroons, but you're still hungry. Here are 10 delicious and easy ways to make the most of your remaining Passover food.

1. Passover Sushi - Wrap gefilte fish in matzah and seaweed. In place of soy sauce, use Manishevitz wine.

2. Karpas Salad - Take the parsley (which represents hope and redemption) wash with salt water (which represents tears shed) and cover with balsamic vinaigrette (which represents a delicious low fat alternative).

3. Passover 6 Foot Sub - Line up 6 feet of matzah on a table. Place whitefish and liver on top. Garnish with horseradish, and enjoy your favorite sports game as you would year-round.

4. Macarooni and Cheese - Take any kind of macaroons (I prefer coconut) and cover with warm Velveeta cheese.

5. Protein Shake - Drink leftover gefilte fish jelly straight from the jar.

6. Matzah Pasta - Drop three pieces of matzah into a pot of water. Let it come to a rolling boil. Drain excess water. Mix the wet matzah and tomato sauce into a nice consistent mush.

7. Charoses Turnovers - Turn your favorite apple and nut mix into a delicious desert turnover. Place charoses on matzah, turn it over, and enjoy.

8. Bittersweet Chocolate Chips - Mix bitter herbs and chocolate chips, and spread on Matzah. For a more savory treat, use horseradish with beets mixed in.

9. Matzah Brei and Brie - Place matzah in egg and milk and fry in a pan to make traditional Matzah Brei. Add aged brie cheese, and enjoy with a nice kosher wine.

10. Matzah Ball Soup Ice-Pops - Place matzah ball soup in individual plastic cups. Put popsicle sticks in cups, and place in freezer. Don't eat these too slow or the chicken broth will melt all over you.