09/12/2011 03:11 am ET | Updated Nov 10, 2011

Jason Last on Fashion Film (VIDEO)

With the first ASVOFF fashion film festival taking place in a couple of weeks at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, this new film genre could not be more relevant. met Jason Last, the fashion film director who for years has worked closely with Diane Pernet, at the Dean Street Theatre in London. In this video, Jason tells us what makes a great fashion film and lets us in a world of darkness, emotions and, of course, fashion.

Educated in fine art, Last has always preferred capturing a moving image behind a camera to capturing a still image on canvas. In an industry dominated by the stealth power of the photographic medium, Last chooses to focus on movement and creates beautiful and captivating films that have featured collections of the likes of Comme des Garçons and Rodarte.

For Last, fashion film is now analogous to what music videos were in the 80's: creative, engaging accompaniments to marketing efforts. Last loves talking about music and how he seeks inspiration in it, and proclaims that if he were to ever move away from fashion he would turn to his fine art roots and engage himself in video art.

He leaves us with a final thought, perhaps his most valuable piece of advice:

"Run your own race. Don't worry about who is working around you, with you or alongside of you... just focus on what you're doing."

Text by Athina Kontonikolaki for App now available for Nokia devices from the OVI Store