08/16/2013 10:35 am ET Updated Oct 15, 2013

Katie Scott - Body of Work (VIDEO)

Katie Scott came to fore by way of a cover art and poster commission by British band Bombay Bicycle Club. As a result, her work - strongly influenced by early anatomy and botanical study - was later nominated for 'Best Artwork' at the NME Awards 2012. Since then, her intricate pseudo-scientific drawings have been used by British publishing company Phaidon, the New York Times magazine and various design platforms including 1ina100.

Scott's fascination with botany is instantly recognisable upon entering her East London studio - the space, which she shares with her boyfriend, is dotted with exotic plants and cacti. Surprisingly, Scott's unique aesthetic is derived from only five colour swatches which she created while still a student at Brighton university. The creative process involves sketching, scanning and then digitally colouring her illustrations.

When asked about her success in such a short space of time, she accepts she owes a lot to the internet and blogs in particular through which she says she receives the majority of her commissions.

What's next for this young talent? She would like to set her illustrations in motion, exploring how animation could be incorporated in her work.

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