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Allen Frances


Stigmatizing and Shunning the Severely Ill

Allen Frances | July 30, 2014 | Politics
Our fairly recent reliance on prisons and homelessness as solutions to mental illness was the common fashion 200 years ago but now seems anachronistic and indecent in a society that has the tools and can afford to do much better.
Shannan Wilber

The Case of Jane Doe: How Public Systems Fail Our Most Vulnerable Youth

Shannan Wilber | July 30, 2014 | Gay Voices
Sadly, her story is all too familiar. Too many children "rescued" by the government from families unable to care for them are abandoned to caregivers who subject them to abuses more terrible than those prompting the state's intervention in the first place.
Brooklyn Defender Services

Policymakers Must Include Incarcerated People in Jail Reform Process

Brooklyn Defender Services | July 30, 2014 | New York
More than 75 percent of the people on Rikers Island and in other city jails are not in custody due to a conviction. They are in jail on bail, sometimes as low as $250, because they cannot afford to meet this cash obligation.
Christopher Zoukis


Growing Up in Prison: What I've Learned During My Eight Years of Incarceration

Christopher Zoukis | July 30, 2014 | Crime
While the American public could probably care less about me as a person -- I'm branded a criminal, a felon, after all, and this will never change -- they should care about what our nation's prison systems do to those incarcerated within.
James R. Marsh


Vast Majority of Federal Child Pornography Criminals Pay ZERO Restitution to Victims

James R. Marsh | July 29, 2014 | Crime
No longer will victims be relegated to a handful of defendants paying token amounts in just a few dozen cases per year.
Arianna Huffington


This Is Your Brain on Legal Drugs: Let's End the Drug War With a Minimum of Casualties by Following the Science

Arianna Huffington | July 30, 2014 | Politics
It should be possible to say that we should continue with the movement toward the decriminalization of marijuana. And we should also be able to say that as we decriminalize, we should take every step possible to minimize the harm, since there is scientific evidence of the dangers of pot on adolescents and young adults.
Mary Papenfuss


Why We're Mesmerized by the Prostitute and the Google Exec

Mary Papenfuss | July 29, 2014 | Crime
Theirs is a tale of what we expect might happen when boundaries are crossed, and when a rocker Eve tempts not just an Adam, but a Silicon Valley Master of the Universe in the Garden of Eden.
David A. Love


California Death Penalty Ruling Is a Bellwether for the Nation

David A. Love | July 30, 2014 | Crime
Last year, executions in the U.S. dipped to a 20-year low. Jones v Chappell only further erodes confidence in the criminal justice system, as America travels down the path to death penalty abolition.
Jen Reeder

This Woman Forgave the Drugged Driver Who Killed Her Spouse -- And Is Starting a Movement

Jen Reeder | July 29, 2014 | Impact
In honor of her husband, Erin hopes to create a movement in which people live lives full of compassion, everyday miracle, adventure, and being "bold and authentically you." It's a call to action to live your best life possible.
Jessica S. Henry


A Deadly Secret: States Refuse to Share the Source of Lethal Injection Drugs in Executions

Jessica S. Henry | July 29, 2014 | Crime
A botched execution also erodes public confidence because it means that something went wrong with the very process of death, which we have entrusted to our leaders. When a government hides information such as the source of drugs used in lethal injection, it erodes the public trust.
Tony Newman


Why the New York Times' Editorial Series Calling for Marijuana Legalization Is Such a Big Deal

Tony Newman | July 28, 2014 | Media
The Times' editorial has the feel of legendary CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite coming out against the Vietnam war. They dropped a bomb on our country's disastrous war on marijuana with unprecedented force.
Justin Marceau

The Continuing Problems with Lethal Injection

Justin Marceau | July 28, 2014 | Politics
Arizona's recent botched execution of Joseph Wood is the latest in a series of horrific events demonstrating that lethal injection is a profoundly flawed method for carrying out capital punishment.
Matthew Chapman


How I Became Interested in the Death Penalty and Why I'm Against It

Matthew Chapman | July 27, 2014 | Crime
It is easier to dismiss someone as being "evil" than to face the tangle of social failures that we're all complicit in. It's easier to hate the adult than to ask what made a child grow up wanting oblivion and finding fulfillment in a killing.
Joe Hansen


President Obama Should Go Big on Immigration Reform

Joe Hansen | July 25, 2014 | Politics
The unfolding humanitarian crisis on the border further highlights the urgent need to fix our broken immigration system and create a clear and fair path to citizenship. Yet some Congressional Republicans are using the plight of immigrant families to call for even stricter enforcement policies. It's shameful.
Joel Cohen


When the Guilty Are (Wrongly) Acquitted

Joel Cohen | July 25, 2014 | Crime
We must talk about the wrongful conviction of innocent men and women, to remind ourselves that we need to look closely at a system that is flawed and will sometimes fail. But in that vein, don't we also need to look at the consequences when those who may actually be guilty are acquitted, particularly when they are repeat offenders guilty of violent crimes?
Tom Meek


Of Boys, Beer and Young Women

Tom Meek | July 26, 2014 | College
As parents we send young folk to college to grow and learn. Naiveté and alcohol lay in wait as tinder for trouble. It's important to understand this and examine it, and find ways to stem it so that there are less victims and less young men whose futures have been derailed by an ill-advised, momentary capitalization on impulse.
Tara Oakman

Not the End of the Story: Building Empathy in Pursuit of a Culture of Health

Tara Oakman | July 25, 2014 | TED Weekends
"Doctors pulled the bullets out, patched me up and sent me back to the same neighborhood where I was shot. No one hugged me. No one counseled me. No one told me that I would be okay." If that emergency room treating Senghur had been trauma-informed, could he have been provided with the attention he may have needed and not have perpetuated the cycle of violence by eventually killing another man?
James R. Marsh


Congress Proposes to Fix Restitution for Child Pornography Victims

James R. Marsh | July 25, 2014 | Crime
Faced with a draconian decision by the SCOTUS in late April which all but eliminated meaningful restitution for child pornography victims, U.S. Senators Orrin Hatch and Chuck Schumer spearheaded a comprehensive legislative fix which addresses the concerns outlined in United States v. Paroline.


WATCH: He Was Shot 3 Times And He Killed Someone At 19. Who He Is Today Will Amaze You

TEDTalks | July 25, 2014 | TED Weekends
Is it possible to forgive a murderer? What if that murderer is you? This former drug dealer and convicted murderer was in solitary confinement when he had the awakening that would change his life forever.
Mehroz Baig


The Path to Safer Guns

Mehroz Baig | July 25, 2014 | Politics
Technological advancements allowed cars to be what they are today: safer vehicles used for transportation that are "the first line of defense in an accident." It was a combination of movements that brought those technological changes to bear, however. The same could happen today with guns.
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