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Lee Rowland

Democracy Restoration Act Would Restore Voting Rights to Millions

Lee Rowland | Posted April 25, 2012

Despite two centuries of a national history extending the right to vote to ever more Americans, state legislatures have recently passed a flurry of laws that make voting more difficult. Some require government-issued photo identification cards; others are obstructing early voting or restricting voter registration drives. It's time for Congress...

Jeffrey Shaffer

How a Prowler Helped Save My Life

Jeffrey Shaffer | Posted April 25, 2012

I'll never forget my brief discussion with a trespassing stranger. The incident was scary, but nobody got hurt and the end result for me was enormously positive. If it hadn't happened, I might not be here to tell the story.

It all started late one night in April of 2006....
Dan Collins

Rest in Peace, Etan Patz

Dan Collins | Posted April 25, 2012

Rest in peace, Etan Patz.

It appears the 1979 disappearance of the 6-year-old Soho boy is going to remain unsolved. New York City police say there was no evidence of a body in the basement they dug up this week. Perhaps, miraculously, they will find some minor bits of...

Rev. Dr. James A. Kowalski

Everything Wrong With Racial Profiling

Rev. Dr. James A. Kowalski | Posted April 25, 2012

"...God is light and in him there is no darkness at all ... if we walk in the light ... we have fellowship with one another..."
--1 John 1:2

"The central problem is that ... the general public and most academics are entirely comfortable using the kind of...

Jonathan Hafetz

Secrecy and the Bradley Manning Trial

Jonathan Hafetz | Posted April 25, 2012

Court-martial proceedings are moving forward at Fort Meade, Maryland, in the case of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the suspected whistleblower accused of leaking classified government documents to Wikileaks. Although the Manning court-martial ranks among the most important national security prosecutions in recent memory, it is being litigated largely outside the public...

DeAngelo Bester

Missed Opportunities

DeAngelo Bester | Posted May 16, 2012

For the past few years in this country, the debate about taxes and budgets has been more heated than any time in recent memory. For a while conservatives controlled the debate, thanks in large part to the Tea Party, and wouldn't even entertain the idea of raising taxes to increase...

Mark Osler

God and Guns at Walmart

Mark Osler | Posted April 26, 2012

This past Sunday, a man named Michael Bradshaw reportedly tried to leave a Walmart store in College Station, Texas with a shopping cart full of goods he hadn't paid for. He was approached by security officers, and a scuffle ensued. One of the security guards fired a gun and shot...

Jeanne Woodford

Epic Win: SAFE California Act to Replace the Death Penalty Will Be on the November

Jeanne Woodford | Posted April 25, 2012

It's official. The SAFE California Act, the initiative to replace the death penalty with life in prison with no possibility of parole, has qualified for the November ballot. The last of California's 58 counties have tallied our signatures and we far exceeded the half-million needed to qualify. In...