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David DeGusta


FBI Statistics Reveal a Major Decrease in Racially Motivated Hate Crimes

David DeGusta | Posted September 14, 2012

Every fall the FBI releases its annual report on hate crime statistics to little fanfare. But those tables of numbers contain a remarkable fact: there has been a major decrease in the number of racially motivated hate crimes since 2008.
Bartlett Naylor


Wall Street and the Cost of Forgetting

Bartlett Naylor | Posted September 14, 2012

Wall Street wants America to forget September 15, 2008. That's because outside events of violence, few dates have signified more calamity than this fateful day. On that black Monday, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. declared bankruptcy.
Valerie Plame Wilson


Why Is the U.S. Government Bullying an American Hero?

Valerie Plame Wilson | Posted September 14, 2012

We have heard riveting stories of heroism and valor from one of the soldiers who participated the mission that killed Osama bin Laden. His book is by most accounts devoid of any classified information. So are U.S. government officials angry that he wrote a book, or that his book came out before their movie?
Diana Aubourg Millner


Dismantling the Cradle to Prison Pipeline

Diana Aubourg Millner | Posted September 14, 2012

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There is ample, credible information out there to warn us that our children are in crisis as never before. It should be enough to spark outrage or at minimum, halt the budget assault on education, food security and other programs designed to protect the poorest children.
Celeste Doaks


Confusion, Alarm, and Fear

Celeste Doaks | Posted September 14, 2012

As I prepared to leave my office to start my 5:30 course, caution was in my mind, but overwhelmingly I was concerned. Were any of my students hurt? Were any professors struck by bullets? Was the shooter still on the loose?