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Stephanie Meeks


Making the Case for Historic Preservation: Online Competition Leverages Younger and Would Be Preservationists

Stephanie Meeks | Posted June 26, 2012

The spirit and direction of the nation are reflected in our historic heritage, and saving these treasures will enrich us and future generations.
Demetria Irwin


Esperanza Spalding on Creativity, Inspiration and Hip Hop

Demetria Irwin | Posted June 26, 2012

Twenty-seven-year-old Grammy award winner Esperanza Spalding is not only an amazing vocalist and musician, but also an inspiring public speaker. After a recent performance, she sat down to share some of her thoughts on music. Here are a few gems from that talk.
E. Nina Rothe


A (Slideshow) Talk with Antonino D'Ambrosio of Let Fury Have the Hour

E. Nina Rothe | Posted June 26, 2012

What Antonino D'Ambrosio has done with Let Fury Have the Hour is making me rethink everything I took for granted in my life.
James A. Fragale


Books You Hold in Your Hand

James A. Fragale | Posted June 26, 2012

While he was bartending a Hollywood party, Lucille Ball sashays in and slaps Scotty Bowers in the face. (Bowers matchmaker-ed for Desi Arnaz). One wonders why he wasn't hit more often. On the other hand, I, for one, would like to shake his hand.
Robert Bullen


Get Your Repressed Rage on With Rise of the Numberless

Robert Bullen | Posted June 26, 2012

A 90-minute head-banging rage punk fest, with moments of great originality, attitude and intensity rule-breaking show.
Jim Luce


Film on Haitian Art: In the Eye of the Spiral

Jim Luce | Posted June 26, 2012

We believe that the art of this nation can be the catalyst to begin a positive and expanding spiral for the people of Haiti. I believe in Haiti. I deeply admire its people and have great respect for its artists and intellectuals.
Reese Schonfeld


Mike Wallace Makes Barbra Streisand Cry

Reese Schonfeld | Posted June 26, 2012

Remembering that Mike had interviewed Barbra on 60 Minutes, I went to YouTube and found the piece titled Barbra Streisand crying -- Mike Wallace Interview. Mike reminds Barbra of their 1961 friendship, but never mentions his protective instincts.
Fiery Cushman


Baseball's Brand of Revenge Models Ancient Blood Feuds

Fiery Cushman | Posted June 26, 2012

Revenge is an unwritten rule in baseball. When a batter is hit by a pitch, retaliation is to be expected. To players, it's part of the game; to media and fans, it's a source of endless argument and discussion.
Carter Phipps


In Defense of the Generalist

Carter Phipps | Posted June 26, 2012

This is not a world built for generalists. Even within individual disciplines, the drumbeat of specialization takes precedence over broader systems of knowledge.
Jade Simmons


Classically Trained ... Rappers?!

Jade Simmons | Posted June 26, 2012

Rappers Tupac, Nicki Minaj, Slick Rick, Kanye West, Dana Dane and newcomer Azealia Banks all have one thing in common. They all got schooled.
Dan Persons


The Indie on Demand Movie Review: Garbo the Spy

Dan Persons | Posted June 26, 2012

In Garbo the Spy, director Edmon Roch uses expert interviews and cunningly deployed film clips to tell the tale of Juan Pujol Garcia -- codename Garbo -- a Spaniard recruited by British intelligence as a double agent.
Stacie Nevadomski Berdan


Learning Two or Twenty Languages: Is There a Secret?

Stacie Nevadomski Berdan | Posted June 26, 2012

I hear countless numbers of stories about how difficult learning a second language can be and why some people just seem to have a knack.
Dan Treadway


Obama's Appearance on Jimmy Fallon Is a Laughing Matter

Dan Treadway | Posted June 26, 2012

The unbridled willingness of Republicans to toss stones at Obama's appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to announce his support of a policy their candidate is in line with reveals a desperation that is rearing its head surprisingly early.
Fabio Parasecoli


Daughters of the Dust: Food in an Independent Movie

Fabio Parasecoli | Posted June 26, 2012

Julie Dash's masterpiece cannot be considered a "food movie" per se. It does not embrace the "food porn" aesthetics that tend to identify the genre.
Wray Herbert


How to Spot a Scoundrel: Fidgeting and Trust

Wray Herbert | Posted June 26, 2012

Since trust and cooperation are so essential to the smooth working of human society, it makes sense that people would have learned over eons both to send signals of trustworthiness and to interpret signs of malicious intent.
Chris Castle


How Artists Get Paid for Internet Radio: An interview with Mike Huppe, President of SoundExchange (Part 1 of 2)

Chris Castle | Posted June 26, 2012

When you hear a recording of a song, there are actually two distinct copyrights involved, the song (also called a "musical work") and the recording of the song.
Leslie Sisman


Popcorn Preview: Headhunters

Leslie Sisman | Posted June 26, 2012

Roger Brown is an art thief. He introduces himself to us in a voiceover: He's 5'6", he has a house he can't afford, a car he can't afford and a tall beautiful wife, Diana, who likes those things. She regularly attracts the attention of other men... all of them taller.
Jane Chafin


David Hockney's Bigger Message

Jane Chafin | Posted June 26, 2012

Martin Gayford's A Bigger Message: Conversations with David Hockney chronicles discussions between the art critic and artist over a ten year period, giving the reader unique access to this inventive artist's process.
Claire McCarthy, M.D.


When Kids Make Us Look Bad: My McDonald's Moment

Claire McCarthy, M.D. | Posted June 26, 2012

My latest (by no means the first, and certainly not the last) embarrassing parenthood moment happened two weeks ago.
Joseph Erbentraut


For the Love of Patti Smith: Celebrating World Book Night 2012 in Chicago

Joseph Erbentraut | Posted June 26, 2012

Just Kids made me feel proud to consider myself a writer. To explain to my loved ones what I do, who I am and what I hope to one day achieve. And now I was lucky enough, I hoped, to share all those things with an unsuspecting commuter or 20.
George Heymont


Miss Coco Peru Has Some Advice For You

George Heymont | Posted June 26, 2012

Beloved performer and gay activist Miss Coco Peru returned to S.F. for a double header with a new wig and good reason to celebrate. This year marks Clinton Leupp's 20th anniversary as Coco, bringing truth and sarcasm to people everywhere.
Alf LaMont


A Legendary Comedy Club Turns 40

Alf LaMont | Posted June 26, 2012

The Comedy Store is a club that helped shape the modern comedy landscape and the story of the club itself is a Hollywood tale for the ages.
Richard J. Smith


I Ching: The Religion That Inspired 7 Great Thinkers

Richard J. Smith | Posted June 26, 2012

Over time the symbolism of the I Ching, explained by thousands of Confucian, Taoist, and Buddhist commentaries, provoked an avalanche of creative work in realms such as philosophy, religion, art, literature, science, technology and medicine.
Kari Kraus


Digital Preservation Is Cultural Literacy

Kari Kraus | Posted June 26, 2012

While digital preservation might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about K-12 curricula, teaching kids about Web archiving, digitization, and media storage can serve as a gateway to hands-on learning in science and technology.
Jon Patricof


Gentle Giants: Life Lessons of the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards

Jon Patricof | Posted June 26, 2012

Tomorrow the Tribeca Film Festival is hosting the Third Annual Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards.
John Oldale


11 Weird Facts From Countries Around The World

John Oldale | Posted June 26, 2012

Not a lot of people know how to turn back a Syrian war elephant in full implacable charge. Nor is it common knowledge that Liechtensteinian dentures used to glow in the dark. Yet there are some (well, me, mainly) who believe that such facts are eminently deserving of a more thorough airing.
Wilborn Hampton


'The Columnist' Review: Life in the Closet

Wilborn Hampton | Posted June 26, 2012

The Columnist focuses mainly on Joseph Alsop's closeted homosexuality and dwindling influence during the Vietnam War era, never examining other facets of a complicated man.
Tina Seelig


Creativity: The Elephant in the Room

Tina Seelig | Posted June 26, 2012

Creativity is incredibly important as we address challenges that come our way and to build a better future.