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Tenzin Dorjee

Remembering Adam Yauch

Tenzin Dorjee | July 4, 2012
I met Adam Yauch only once. It was during a bathroom break, which came at the end of a heated session in a Tibet-China conference at Harvard in 2002. We greeted each other in Tibetan.
Dan Persons

Mighty Movie's Temple of Bad: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Dan Persons | July 4, 2012 | Entertainment
Included in its list of crimes: entrusting the Beatles' most innovative work to the likes of the Bee Gees, Peter Frampton, Steve Martin and Alice Cooper, among an almost infinite roster of incomprehensible casting choices.
Zaki Hasan

Zaki's Review: Marvel's The Avengers

Zaki Hasan | July 4, 2012 | Entertainment
The Avengers shatters the last barrier separating the printed page and the celluloid image, fully wresting the superhero genre away from the medium that birthed it.
Jonathan Kim

ReThink Review: The Avengers - Assemble and Be Amazed

Jonathan Kim | July 4, 2012 | Entertainment
With so much at stake, the studio instinct would be to make The Avengers as big, stupid, and loud as possible. This is called "broadening the appeal," which is a polite term for dumbing a movie down.
Craig Crawford

Remembering a Friend [VIDEO]

Craig Crawford | July 4, 2012 | Media
Pardon this indulgence, but last weekend I said goodbye to my best friend, Sean Holton, a stellar journalist who passed on last November after a two-year battle with brain cancer.
Susanne Mentzer

The Time of My Life

Susanne Mentzer | July 4, 2012 | Arts
I find myself now in St. Louis rehearsing Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd for performances with the Opera Theatre of St Louis. The last time I sang with the company was in 1983. And here I am, having the time of my life.
Sarah Leavitt

Author: I Dealt With Grief Through Writing And Drawing

Sarah Leavitt | July 4, 2012 | Books
I've always had a really bad memory. So when my mother got Alzheimer's disease, I knew that I had to record what was happening to her and to our family. I wanted to be able to look back over my notes and remember all the moments of craziness, beauty, and...

Glamorizing Alternative Lifestyles: Glee, Bill O'Reilly, and My Kid

Amelia | February 2, 2016 | Queer Voices
I try to avoid Fox News, and I'm not a fan of Bill O'Reilly, but as the mother of a self-identified gay 7-year-old son who has a crush on Glee's Blaine, the most recent media controversy involving Mr. O'Reilly caught my attention.
Jon Chattman

Adam Yauch's Passing -- Yet Another Example of How I Want My MTV... Back

Jon Chattman | July 4, 2012 | Entertainment
I want to mourn the death of an icon by watching tributes on a so-called music station. Yauch and the Beasties were pioneers in the hip hop and pop culture world. This news hurts. It's time for MTV to return to its roots.
Louis Virtel

Weeklings: We All Scream for 'The Scream' (VIDEO)

Louis Virtel | February 2, 2016 | Queer Voices
Debra Macleod

The Comic Convention: Where Couples Who Play Together Stay Together

Debra Macleod | July 4, 2012 | Canada Living
Cosplay -- dressing in costume as characters from comics, science fiction or anime -- is a worldwide phenomenon that thousands of couples, from nerds to neurologists, have embraced as a way to indulge in some healthy escapism while simultaneously having a blast with each other at comic conventions.
Sandip Roy

Obama Kissed. But What Does It Tell?

Sandip Roy | July 4, 2012 | Politics
The book is coming out in June and although it's about much more than Obama's early love life, "sexually warm" is what is going to heat up the sales. With the presidential election getting into full swing, Obama is in need of a little bit of makeover.
Jody Christopherson

The Importance of Indie Theater in 2012

Jody Christopherson | July 4, 2012 | Arts
January 2011 marked the resurgence of an epidemic the indie theater community hadn't experienced since 2003 -- a series of serious losses of space and companies in the Off-Off Broadway community.
Rev. Amy Ziettlow

Muscle Memory: A Tribute to Moscelyne Larkin and the Legacy of the Ballet Russe

Rev. Amy Ziettlow | July 4, 2012 | Culture
Moscelyne Larkin was my ballet teacher, and the studio, her home. Although she toured the world with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, her home was Oklahoma. As I read her obituary recalled the last time I spent with her several years ago.
Jennifer Tress

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be ... Don Draper's Mother-in-Law?

Jennifer Tress | July 4, 2012 | Entertainment
When I grow up, I want to be Julia Ormond. Not the unsatisfied booze-swilling character she plays on Mad Men but the woman herself. A woman who appears comfortable in her own skin, even as she ages.
Rosie Sultan

Helen Keller's Secret Love Life

Rosie Sultan | July 4, 2012 | Books
Though she could speak up about equality, the rights of others--even, occasionally, sexuality--Helen Keller was not granted the rights she sought for others.
Emilio Estevez

Why I Wrote My First Memoir, Along the Way, With a Guy Named Martin Sheen

Emilio Estevez | July 4, 2012 | Books
What could you possibly glean from a book about two men who've been in the public eye for over fifty years, where everything there is to know about them can be uncovered by the click of keyboard? Well, it turns out, plenty.
Tanja M. Laden

My Little Pony Project (PHOTOS)

Tanja M. Laden | July 4, 2012 | Arts
For nearly 30 years, My Little Pony has been coveted by kids of all ages. Today, it has reached a new generation of li'l pony-seekers, and the colorful childhood staple continues to be a source of inspiration for old-school fans, too.
Graham Milne

The Force Should Be With You, Always

Graham Milne | July 4, 2012 | Entertainment
Star Wars represents something that has gone somewhat astray amidst the background noise of our snarky modern discourse, and deserves to be brought back in full vigor.
Leslie Sisman

Popcorn Preview: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Leslie Sisman | July 4, 2012 | Moviefone
As Sonny desperately struggles to build his dream by rebuilding the shambles of a hotel bequeathed to him by his father, the six retirees and one medical traveler all go their separate ways, each in search of something they may not know they're searching for.
Terence Clarke

Roth Martin, Steven Volpe and Hedge

Terence Clarke | July 4, 2012 | Arts
"My eyes had been opened wide," Roth Martin says. He smiles. He has just described how his life had changed. "And it all began with some fireplace mantels."
Arthur Goldwag

Why Is Everyone Talking About Obama's Composite Girlfriend?

Arthur Goldwag | July 4, 2012 | Politics
Yesterday the interwebs were abuzz with stories about Obama's "composite girlfriend" -- the supposed bombshell that the story in Dreams From My Father about the white woman he had an affair with wasn't strictly true.
The Everlasting Phil Ramone and Danielle Evin

Dog Ears Music: Born in May Playlist

The Everlasting Phil Ramone and Danielle Evin | July 4, 2012 | Entertainment
This week our playlist includes music by André 3000, Tammy Wynette, Bob Seger (& The Silver Bullet Band), Young M.C. and more.
Jane Carlin and Barb Macke

The Legacy of the Digital Generation: Part II

Jane Carlin and Barb Macke | July 4, 2012 | College
This is an exciting time to work in libraries -- technology affords us the opportunity to make accessible materials that have for years been kept in dark rooms in protective boxes.
Mike Ragogna

The Highest Pass and Songs of a Lifetime: Conversations With Jon Anderson and Greg Lake

Mike Ragogna | July 4, 2012 | Entertainment
Marshall Fine

Movie Review: The Perfect Family

Marshall Fine | July 4, 2012 | Entertainment
Don't trust the trailers for Anne Renton's The Perfect Family. They make it look like an irreverent, iconoclastic satire, one that attacks hypocrisy among the pious -- like something from the Farrelly brothers or, perhaps, John Waters.
Ann Bauer

In Praise of Flawed Women

Ann Bauer | July 4, 2012 | Books
During the long year that The Forever Marriage was circulating, I sought out portraits of imperfect but redeemable women.
Patricia G. Berman

The Scream Heard 'Round The World

Patricia G. Berman | July 4, 2012 | Culture
The Scream, one of the most immediately recognizable images in the world, is cultural shorthand, a floating symbol that is readily available for adaptation.
Marshall Fine

Movie Review: The Avengers

Marshall Fine | July 4, 2012 | Entertainment
The Avengers is veined with wit, even as it offers exactly the kind of action that fanboys and normal movie-goers alike want out of something like this.
A.J. Walkley

Are Book Trailers Necessary?

A.J. Walkley | July 4, 2012 | Books
Trailers for movies make sense -- a visual medium for a visual product. If you aim to read a book, why do you need anything more than the synopsis of the book before you know whether you want to read it?
Carla Escoda

Smuin Ballet Knocks It Out of the Park

Carla Escoda | July 4, 2012 | Culture
In a particularly affecting moment, Susan Roemer, held in a tight clinch by Jonathan Dummar, dove head first toward the floor from the height of a lift, her body inscribing a circle in the air in slow motion as she descended.
Eric Berkowitz

Sex Law History: 11 Ways You Could Be Punished For Your Desire

Eric Berkowitz | July 4, 2012 | Books
Given that sex and power politics often intersect, the history of sex law illuminates many of today's hot-button issues.
Kurt Ellenberger

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier. Why?

Kurt Ellenberger | July 4, 2012 | Culture
Controlling the development of culture has been the dream of tyrants and humanitarians alike, but neither has been successful. Yet we seriously posit that some "Secretary of Culture" can manage, coerce, shape, tinker, tailor, or soldier it into submission?
Michael Friedman, L.M.S.W.

Creativity and Madness: Are They Inherently Linked?

Michael Friedman, L.M.S.W. | July 4, 2012 | Healthy Living
The myth that creativity and madness are inherently linked has a certain romantic appeal, but it does little -- if anything -- to promote human well-being.
Freddie Gershon

Some People Tweet; Some People Peep

Freddie Gershon | July 3, 2012 | Culture
On May 7, 2012, a brass plaque will be dedicated - In Honor Of Roger Englander whose visionary "peep hole" (created in 1960) opened the eyes of children and music lovers worldwide to the magic behind the music.