03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Republican Racism: Example No. 54,982

So the Republican National Committee has a Facebook site. It's right here. That link leads you to the RNC Facebook home page, which features Republican heroes such as Jackie Robinson, the inclusion of whom made the entire "Republican heroes" bit a laughing stock when it was introduced a couple weeks ago.

But let's go deeper into the site. Bear with me now, I know it's hard. But stick your fingers down your throat if you must. Deeper in the site is the "Fan Photos from the Republican National Committee" page. You can see it here. Basically, it's a spot where fans of the RNC can come and post their hilariously Photoshopped images for all their good GOP buddies to see.

Included among the photographs is, for example, one that makes fun of all the people who dismiss Republicans as a bunch of racists. (I think. Or maybe it's just a photo of a cat.)


Ha! Like I said, hilarious, right? How dare these liberals dismiss the GOP as a bunch of racists! Why, it'd be like calling all cats racist ... or something. Well, you know, if it walks like a cat, and meows like a cat, well, you get the idea.

Because on the same row of images as that cat spoof is this one:


Give it a good, long look. (By the way, here is a direct link to the photo at the RNC's site.) And think of this image the next time you hear the words Republican Party. Because even if some enterprising, nefarious liberal stuck this up there to make Republicans look bad, it doesn't matter: The photo has now been up at the site of the RNC -- Michael Steele's RNC -- for six days, posted as it was Oct. 20. In all that time, no one has thought to take it down. This is the Republican Party, where chicken-fried racism is so commonplace that an image like the above one, which offends the sensibilities of any halfway decent human being, can remain up and running, no questions asked.

Wow, that was fast! Within minutes of this postings, the photo was taken down from the RNC's site -- which only goes to show that there is, in fact, someone monitoring the site who could've taken the photo down a long time ago.