Gossip Girl Holiday Cards

01/15/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Just because the cameramen get a vacation doesn't mean our favorite gossip girls and boys aren't up to their usual shenanigans. Thankfully, they were kind enough to send the Huffington Post holiday cards that kept us up to speed.

Blair - Dear HP, I have chosen to spend my holiday vacation with my newlywed mother and step-father, who are "honeymooning" in our apartment. I had to wear earplugs the night after the wedding, but other than that, it's a nice change of pace from our usual Christmas. In fact, we celebrated Hanukah AGAIN tonight! I don't have the heart to tell Cyrus that this is the third night in a row he gave me a present.

Serena - Dear HP, Besos from Buenos Aires! You wouldn't believe the heat wave they're having down here - it's like summer every day! As for Aaron and I, we're having typical first-trip-as-a-couple problems. First, on the plane ride down, he stared at the seat in front of him for the entire flight. Then when we arrived, he had all these meetings with Argentine models so he could "work". But there's still so many obvious reasons why I'm into him.

Aaron - Dear HP,
(sorry, Aaron just sent a blank postcard)

Rufus - Dear HP, Loft empty, more time to strum the guitar by myself. I'm composing a rock opera called "Lost Baby: A French Orphan's Journey To DUMBO".

Chuck - Dear HP: I'm too drunk to remember, but I'm either in a Chinatown massage parlor or re-enacting the ending of Apocalypse Now. The drugs here are amazing, the booze adequate, and the women appreciate my vaguely Asiatic facial features. I do admit, though, that my three piece suits are a tad warm for this rice sauna. I foresee a return to Manhattan and a brief dalliance with midnight BASE jumping.

Dan - Dear HP, Visiting Mom up in Hudson, NY was a big success. She must have read my mind because she got me three new pea coats for Christmas. Now I can change into a different one each time I get to a new crosswalk. You haven't heard anything from Serena, by any chance?

Jenny - Dear HP, Hudson is cold! I knew I was in trouble when I opened my suitcase and I realized I had only brought mini skirts and mascara. But I'm making do, and I made a terrific top out of mascara.

Lily - Dear HP, I'm still standing in Grand Central, confused whether Rufus said was or is. Pretty diabolical on his part. How can someone say a word so crucial that can be heard two different ways?

Nate - Dear HP, So I think it's been pretty clear that I am shooting a movie somewhere else right now. Thankfully the holiday hiatus has prevented me from flying back to NYC once a month to do a couple of thirty-second scenes. And believe me, the actress they have me making out with here is like lunch at Le Bernardin after the Denny's breakfast they've been serving me on the GG set. Please don't tell Vanessa I said that. Actually do. But make it seem like I didn't want you to.

Dorota - Dear HP, Christmas was wonderful. Mrs. Waldorf let me sleep in until 6:00, and I got to keep some of the wrapping paper from Ms. Blair's presents. I don't know if you noticed, but I caught the bouquet at Eleanor and Cyrus' wedding, so I've been keeping a keen eye out for eligible young bachelors. I hear Rufus might be available...

Eric - Dear HP, My mom let me take Jonathan up to the Bed and Breakfast that she wasn't using. We had really nice time snowmobiling, horseback riding, and learning how to snowboard. Well, actually, we didn't leave the room for three days, but I told my mom we did all that to explain why I couldn't sit down after I came back.

There you have it folks, Manhattan's elite keeping busy over the Holiday break. Here's hoping that everyone returns safe and sound and gets their perfect facial features back in front of a camera soon.