30 Days To Fire Up Your Creative Genius, Day 18: If You Knew That Your Art Would Support Your Life, How Would You Live? (VIDEO)

05/04/2012 06:31 am ET | Updated Jul 04, 2012

I attended a teleseminar of Patti Digh's (author of Life Is A Verb) in which she posed this question: If you knew that your art would support your life, how would you live?

That question climbed into me and set up camp. I meditated on it for two years. I printed it out in forty-point type and pasted it onto my notebooks. Before I planned any project, I went and sat with this question. Could I trust that my art would support my life? The only way to find out was to . . . trust, to operate from that place of luminous, fierce wishing within myself. I'd whisper the question repeatedly to myself and listen for the answers. Here's what showed up:

  • Make creating art your guiding priority.
  • Know that your life is content. Look at everything as material for your art.
  • Create sacred physical and/or psychological space to make your art.
  • Invest in the best tools.
  • Believe that your art is going to be useful to someone.

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