05/05/2012 11:40 am ET | Updated Jul 05, 2012

30 Days To Fire Up Your Creative Genius, Day 19: When Does Your Muse Visit You? (VIDEO)

Call it what you want: the zone, the flow, the magical gap, the illuminating silence . . . there is a place in space and time where we tend to think and feel most clearly. And in that place is where muses love to get your Creative Genius all fired up.

Certain conditions are more optimal for some people's muses than others: interaction, movement, nature, and contemplation. The trick is to find out what your muse loves the most and set the stage for her to enter. (Or him. Maybe your muse is of the male persuasion. I don't want to get any nasty letters from the Union of Muses for discrimination.)

Notice when and where ideas and solutions tend to enter your being. Maybe it's when you're talking to a particular friend or roaming the art gallery (interaction); when you're driving down the open highway or cycling to work (movement); walking among trees or napping on a dock (nature); or sitting in reflective silence or when the stereo is cranked and the lights are low (contemplation). Some people's idea fairies like to show up after a good meal or great sex,
first thing in the morning, or just as they're drifting off to sleep.

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