Straw Dogs Remake: A Timeline of Dogs Movies Since the Original

06/15/2011 12:39 pm ET | Updated Aug 15, 2011

Dustin Hoffman starred in the 1971 thriller "Straw Dogs" about an American who deals with harassment after moving to a British village. In his review, Roger Ebert wrote, "The most offensive thing about the movie is its hypocrisy; it is totally committed to the pornography of violence, but lays on the moral outrage with a shovel."

But the movie became a cult hit over time, and a remake, which sets the story in the Deep South, is due out this fall. Alexander Skarsgård plays the lead role in this version. In the 40 years between, Hollywood has cranked out one "Dogs" movie after another. Here, a selection of the films that carried the torch (some of which are even canine-inspired):

Dogs (1976)

Lawn Dogs (1997)

Snow Dogs (2002)

Old Dogs (2009)