03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The 20 Most Laughable "Movember" Celebration Headlines

Entry into the final month of the years officially ended an annual tradition: Movember. Every year since 2003, men around the world grow mustaches in November to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer prevention. On December 1, men said their last farewells and shaved off their finely-combed friends. Reporters tried to capture the festivities in their write-ups and columns. Here, a review of the 20 most creative headlines ranging from the obvious to the industrious.

20. Guilty paper: Evening Herald. Headline: "'Mo power to you, Jamie..."

19. Guilty paper: Southern Reporter. Headline: "Hair today, gone...on Sunday"

18. Guilty paper: Marlborough Express. Headline: "Mo' support than ever"

17. Guilty paper: Northern Territory News. Headline: "Hardy pilots mo down opposition"

16. Guilty paper: Gisborne Herald. Headline: "Momentous? Judge for yourself"

15. Guilty paper: Western Star. Headline: "Bros raising 'mo' money for prostate cancer research"

14. Guilty paper: Scottish Sun. Headline: "Final mo-ments"

13. Guilty paper: Sydney Morning Herald. Headline: "Snowdon offers to mow his mo"

12. Guilty paper: Marlborough Express. Headline: "Mo today, no more tomorrow"

11. Guilty paper: Fraser Coast Chronicle. Headline: "Making the mo'st of fundraising"

10. Guilty paper: Daily Iowan. Headline: "Men rediscover razor's edge"

9. Guilty paper: Scottish Sun. Headline: "Life shavers"

8. Guilty paper: Calgary Sun. Headline: "Let's hair it for charity"

7. Guilty paper: Blackburn Citizen. Headline: "Fan-tache-tic day for Darwen school teachers"

6. Guilty paper: Tweed Daily News. Headline: "Hair-raising mo-ments"

5. Guilty paper: Brown Daily Herald. Headline: "On next year's calendar, a 'moust'-have"

4. Guilty paper: Global Surf News. Headline: "Annual morning of the Mo, - A Mo-Down to remember..."

3. Guilty paper: Caymanian Compass. Headline: "MOvember almost MOver"

2. Guilty paper: Scottish Sun. Headline: "Lip, lip hooray!"

1. Guilty paper: Parramatta Advertiser. Headline: "Well, mo and behold...hats off to Movember participants"