01/25/2008 01:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sundance: The Celebrity Mood Map

After a whirlwind week of (mostly) film-related activity and ubiquitous bold-faced names, things are finally starting to slow down at Sundance. Now is a good time to pause and take stock, so here's an impressionistic write-up of the week--a rundown of who was feeling what, when. Most conclusions are based on what they told me when I quite simply got all up in their business and asked them.

Had Enough: A spotlight-shy Meg Ryan (after skipping the red carpet for the after-party of "The Deal," she tried to hide from press in the corner) is ready for a serious rest after just making four films back to back. "After you extend yourself like that, you want to hibernate." Cool, Meg, I'll come with. Where at? "I'm not gonna tell you."

Chipper: "I feel great," Anjelica Huston declared on Tuesday. That was the day her movie, "Choke," got bought by by Fox Searchlight, known for picking Sundance winners (like "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Waitress") and currently riding high with "Juno." No wonder she was in a good mood.

Thoughtful: A fatigued but cordial Brian Cox, who flew in from New York Sunday to do promos. He'd just performed in the Tom Stoppard play "Rock 'n' Roll" the night before. Topic discussed outside the Hollywood Life House included the "nonsense" of awards ceremonies and the "archetype" of the dog as man's best friend. Way highbrow!

Peevish: A slightly surly (and huge-headed) Alan Rickman ordered himself two drinks before sitting down for a chat at the Delta 360 Lounge. He quickly regretted it. I kept asking why British people--especially him--are so good at playing crazy villain-types. Next question!

Sick: After performing with his band at the Hpnotiq Lounge, Lukas Haas felt a sore throat coming on. What, that tightly-knotted scarf wasn't some kind of Euro fashion statement?

Drunk: Tom Arnold. The man will say anything! Probably when he's sober, too.

So over it: 23-year-old actress Paz de la Huerta, who complained: "I've been here too long and I feel delirious and I need to go." Not pee--home.

Randy: Woody Harrelson, who used the Friday night blackout as an excuse to put a move on (an uninterested) Paz de la Huerta.

Discombobulated: Stanley Tucci, who was scouring his BlackBerry for a lead on the whereabouts of a friend. Finding said friend was more of a priority than talking to me. Which makes total sense.

Self-Deprecating: Singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson, who had her extra waist flesh in mind when she told a photographer during a performance at the Wall Street Journal Cafe, "I hope you're not shooting my muffin top!"

Observant, or Maybe Just Promotional: William Macy showed up at "The Deal" after-party at the Hollywood Life House in a flashy red yarmulkeh. (It makes more sense if you've seen the movie--but since it's really not that good you may not get a chance.)

Too Cool for School: Josh Hartnett, smoking a cigarette and not into talking with a random journalist outside the "Be Kind Rewind" party at the Hpnotiq Lounge Sunday night. It's cool, though. He was pretty awesome in August, in which he reprises the old cock-of-the-walk role that put him on the map in The Virgin Suicides.

Dejected, then Charged Up: Chargers fan and "Super Size Me" director Morgan Spurlock was surely hurting following San Diego's loss to the Giants, which he witnessed (well, the first half at least) at the ESPN football party; presumably Spurlock got his mojo back for his "Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?" premiere the next night.

Blond: Mischa Barton. "I'm back to being a dumb blond," she reportedly told hair stylists in the ConAir Hairdressing Salon as she prepped for a photo shoot. Guess being a smart blond didn't really work out for her?