8 Reasons Awesome Girls Should Learn to Cook

06/17/2011 07:37 pm ET | Updated Aug 17, 2011

My post last week 8 Reasons Regular Guys Should Learn To Cook received a tremendous response, but a few people called it out as "sexist." Gasp!

Though I doubt anyone would have preferred a post titled "8 Reasons Most People Should Learn To Cook," I'm happy to balance the scorecard.

The reason I called out "regular guys" in the last post is that although the cooking profession is dominated by the Y chromosome, I've noticed a general reluctance from the 20-30 year old single men I know to spend much time in the kitchen. Sure most are willing to grill up some meat on occasion, but few consider cooking essential to their man-skills and I wanted to give them reasons to reconsider.

Girls are a different story. I know a few girls (usually moms) who enjoy cooking, and even more who like to bake. But there is also a subset who can't even boast the grill skills my regular guys have in spades. I know these girls well, because I used to be one.

When I was in college saying I was a "bad cook" would have been generous. I couldn't cook anything -- I even burned water on more than one occasion (pasta FAIL). I couldn't prepare any food that required more than a can opener and microwave, and fixing these flaws was not high on my priority list.

I only changed my tune when I got to graduate school, became a born again foodie and realized I could no longer afford to eat out in San Francisco on my student salary. Unwilling to sacrifice the quality of food I was eating I forced myself to start shopping at the farmers market and preparing my own meals. This switch changed my life for the better and I would never go back to my kitchen-free days.

But why was I such a brat about it in the first place?

Honestly, I thought I was above cooking. I was busy building my career and had better things to do than slave away in the kitchen, thankyouverymuch. Cooking was for stay-at-home moms, I thought, not for ambitious girls like me. Who has time to be so domestic?

I was a jackass, and have since learned the errors of my ways. This one is for all you awesome girls out there who still don't know the value of being kitchen savvy.

8 Reasons Awesome Girls Should Learn To Cook

1. It's still hot

I'm sure you have no trouble attracting men with your intellect, but no matter how smart and beautiful you are guys always melt for a girl who can cook an amazing meal. You may have already gotten into college, but extracurriculars still matter.

2. Cooking makes you beautiful

Nothing is more attractive than a woman who radiates health. Cooking nutritious food at home will give you sparkling eyes, shiny hair, healthy nails and glowing skin.

3. Good food makes you smarter

Junk food creates spikes and dips in blood sugar that make you tired and kill your ability to concentrate. Cooking healthier food at home will give you the focus to stay sharp all day.

4. Cooking is more efficient

Going out may seem quicker because there is no prep or cleanup, but in the long run it actually takes more of your time. Once you have it down, you can make yourself a solo meal and have your kitchen back in working order in about 30 minutes. Win.

5. You'll save money

Being a girl is expensive. And if you're the type who likes to splurge on designer brands, every dollar counts. Cooking at home is a great way to save money on food, freeing it up for you to use on other things.

6. It keeps you slim

For myself, eating out is the single biggest factor in how easy it is to lose or maintain my weight. At home you have complete control over everything you eat, and when you cook healthy foods this works to your advantage.

7. You might one day be a mom

You may have your eye on the prize today, but if you ever plan to raise a family your life will be a lot easier if you pick up some kitchen skills beforehand. Processed foods are bad for you and even worse for kids. Plan ahead for your future healthy family.

8. You might love it

Cooking is like art and science all rolled into one. It allows you to build skills, be creative, de-stress and when you're finished you have a wonderful and delicious product to enjoy (and show off on Instagram). Cooking is more mentally stimulating than I ever imagined, and it is worth exploring for its own sake.

Why do you amazing ladies like to cook?

Originally published at Summer Tomato, where you can find more healthy eating tips.