Matt Drudge Leaks More than Janice Dickinson's Restalyne

01/28/2009 02:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Adrenalized by the excitement of being the first to publish the photos of Obama in robes, Matt Drudge couldn't resist leaking the confidential story that Prince Harry was on the front lines in Afghanistan. The British Ministry of Defence excoriated Drudge yesterday but still, an animal that tastes blood is a dangerous animal, and it's likely Drudge will release other huge stories he's sitting on any time his blood sugar dips or new poll numbers make him blue.

Here are a few headlines that Drudge is sitting on, waiting for "the right time" to release. (I found them by hacking into his computer. Of course this is immoral but what's good for the Drudge...)


  • Documentation that Ahmadinejad's wife is actually a CIA operative
  • Security footage of Osama bin Laden in a cage in the White House pool cabana
  • Photo of Hillary in a size 2 pantsuit
  • Documents showing Al Gore actually won Florida by a 77-23 margin over Bush
  • Proof that New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick honed his spying skills on his own players, in the locker room
  • Photos of the small vagina Michael Jackson had surgically implanted in his lower thigh, with surrounding tattoo of a stripper
  • Documentation that that fantastic double-churned low fat ice cream is actually double the fat of normal ice cream
  • Taped interview with Dick Cheney in which he says that when he finishes his term as Vice President, his goal is to be on the next Amazing Race
  • Security footage of John McCain in a raccoon suit sexing up non-English speaking immigrants at the border
  • The results of American Idol (but we won't ruin it for you)
  • George Herbert Walker Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Hugo Chavez, and Brett Favre? All gay.