06/16/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Health and Fitness Reality Check: 'Don't' is Short for 'Donut'

Just this past week while traveling from New York to Atlanta I overheard a conversation between two travelers seated across from me at the lovely LaGuardia airport. The topic of the conversation was all too painfully common.

"How do I get a body like Kim Kardashian's," the woman asked her friend, "without spending hours working out and watching what I eat?" Even though we were all waiting for a 9:15 a.m. flight, she was already shamelessly indulging in a Nestle Crunch ice cream bar. "Girl, that's either great genetics or a hell of a nip tuck," the woman's friend replied while nibbling away on a blueberry muffin like a squirrel on an acorn. I could also see the whipped cream begin to seep out the lid of her Starbucks venti blended mocha frappucino from across the aisle as she frantically tries to lick it off the container before she waists a precious drop all the while clearly content with her reply to her friend.

I thought to myself, sure a Nestle ice cream bar is delicious, but the truth is that you will never look like Kim Kardashian or any of your other favorite stars unless you put forth a huge amount of sacrifice, hard work and dedication to achieve your dream physique. Many celebrities spend anywhere from one to four hours a day working out with their celebrity personal trainer and follow a strict, carefully planned diet designed by a certified nutritionist. Instead of whipped cream, sour cream and Twinky cream filled donuts, they consume lean proteins, green leafy vegetables, healthy fats and some whole grains with portions based on their activity levels and specific goals.

Try making an effort to find a healthier airport food option. A roasted chicken sandwich on whole wheat ciabatta bread is a pretty good choice. It's even more waistline-friendly if you condense all the chicken to one side of the sandwich and save yourself 25 grams of carbs and over 100 total calories. Combined with a cold, refreshing lemonade flavored Vitamin Water Zero to wash it down, the total value for that meal would be only 266 calories, 28g of protein, 6g of fat, and 4g of fiber -- and you can find it at that same Starbucks where a blended mocha frappucino has 346 calories and a blueberry muffin has 360 calories for an astounding breakfast total of 706 calories.

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