12/03/2007 04:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Believe it or not

It's amazing isn't it that people who don't believe in the demonstrated reality of global warming, worked on by tens of thousands of scientists in all disciplines over 50 years, instead manage to believe in:

Roswell aliens
America as a benevolent empire
More guns reducing gun violence
George Bush as a good president
Private medicine as the best health system
Human virgin birth
Bill O'Reilly
Low taxation
Fair and balanced Fox
Al Quaeda in Iraq
Gay marriage as a threat to the family
Nuclear energy
Death penalty as a crime reducer
Life after death
The superiority of men over women
James Ussher's arithmetic skills
Human management of forests
The superiority of the "white race"
Torture to find ticking bombs
The Da Vinci Code

Have I missed any?

Like Tobias Smollett "I think for my part one half of the nation is mad - and the other not very sound", see why on the Watermelon Blog.