04/23/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Twelve Angry Tweets

Defense lawyers in a federal corruption trial demanded that the judge declare a mistrial because a juror posted updates on the case on Twitter. -- The Times

OMG! I can't believe what's happening! Juror #8 is all up in 4's face, "neighbor heard him yell 'I'll kill you!'" Cat-fight! (Only they're guys.)

Coolio -- 4's all zen-like and "Let's go over the testimony" even tho 8's "I got tix for a ball game!"

Dude, so they just asked me and I'm "I dunno, he sounded all totally guilty".

4 does this eye-rolling thing, not sure what it means.

So there's a lot of blah-blah so I Wiki'd with my cell under the table and guess what -- someone already edited my last post on this case!

Pretty sure it's Juror 3. Gotta say 3 cuz till trial's over names aren't supposed to be public. Sec -- I'm gonna google Marsha Litner...

Who doesn't show up in Google? That's spooky. Maybe she's dead. Is that a movie? "Dead Juror"? Should be. Downey Jr. No, Clooney!

4's coming on all awesome, pacing layout of guilty dude's neighbor's pad showing she couldn't hear screams.

8 is so so pissed -- I think he's gonna blow a gasket, he's like "I'm gonna kill you!"

4's like "That's just what Guilty Dude said!"

8's even more pissed 'cause he got so served. I mean literally -- they served him a subpoena for contempt.

Mistrial. Which means like recess. Who's for tacos?