11/05/2010 11:29 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Animals in Odd Places

This week, video of a bison and a grizzly bear in Yellowstone made news, not because there's anything odd about either of these species being seen in Yellowstone, but because they were videoed in a very odd place: running down the highway.

On my Animal Oddities blog I often report on animals that show up in odd places. Here, for your pleasure, are my top ten "animals in odd places" stories.

1. "Dam" Ibexes - The ease with which these goats scale an almost vertical wall is astounding.

2. Toilet Diving Sloths - Sloths are cute and all, but this takes the cake for disgusting animal behavior.

3. NYC Alligators - Seems there's more to this urban legend than we thought.

4. Bar-Hopping Monkeys - It's bad enough having to deal with the over-served when you're out having a few cocktails, but it's even worse when they're not even human.

5. Maggots on a Plane - I'd like to see Samuel L. Jackson do a movie about this frightening animal appearance on a plane.

6. Kitty on the Bus - Public transportation is a great way to get around. And it's not just for people anymore.

7. Moose in a Sprinkler - Running through a sprinkler is a fun way to cool off on a hot summer day, for young humans as well as young moose!

8. Squirrel on a Roller Coaster - Roller coasters are a fun way to get a thrill, but usually most riders don't have four legs and a bushy tail.

9. Iguana Wedding Crasher - Weddings are a great time to get together and celebrate with friends and family. But sometimes some odd guests show up to crash the party.

10. Bison Goes for a Dip - And finally, another bison in an odd place. This one ended up in a swimming pool. Under the pool cover. In Georgia, where there are no wild bison. Watch the clip.