The Uprising - Coming to a City Near You

04/15/2008 12:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

We've completed a beta site for my upcoming book, The Uprising: An Unauthorized Tour of the Populist Revolt Scaring Wall Street & Washington." You can find it at The book will be out on May 27th.

This isn't the "official" launch of the site - we're still tweaking the schedule. But I wanted to let regular readers know about it as soon as we had a structure, because the book tour is going to rely on a lot of grassroots organizing. As you can see, I'll be in a ton of cities (easier this time around because my wife will be traveling with me). To that end, you can see the number of great grassroots groups partnering with me on events all over the country - and I'd like to encourage you to contact me at uprising [at] or call Melanie Denardo at Crown at (212) 940-7866 if you have ideas for events or partners in the cities I'll be in (or to add an event).

Also, if you have ideas for any blog chats you'd like me to appear at, please contact us - I already have forums at FireDogLake and TPMCafe scheduled, but I'm happy to do more. Like Hostile Takeover was, I'd like this book to be used as a tool to help grassroots groups and the blogosphere.

For some background, the book is all original, firsthand investigative reporting on populism on both the Right and Left. I traveled all over the country - from the Mexican border, to the state capital in Albany, to Seattle for a unionization drive to sneaking into the ExxonMobil shareholder meeting in Dallas. There are a number of newsy nuggets in the book, including some pretty tough statements from one Democratic senator about the value of primary-ing incumbents.

Check back to for schedule updates. And when we do the official launch in a couple of weeks with PR materials, excerpts and all that, I'll make another post.


The Uprising