06/18/2006 11:33 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

VIDEO: Embarrassing John Stossel on CNBC

It's not everyday that you get to publicly embarrass a right-wing pathological liar like John Stossel on national television - but that's what I had the pleasure of doing earlier this week. Now, after popular demand by those who saw the transcript of the interchange, Alternet's Don Hazen tracked down the video of the interchange, which you can now view here. It's pretty hilarious- so go check it out. Frankly, I thought Stossel would be a lot smoother at trying to defend his lies - but he really was an unworthy adversary. He strikes me as someone who has gotten so lazy and so infatuated with the sound of his own voice that he thinks he can just spit out factually inaccurate nonsense and no one will call him on it. Well, at least this week, those of us fighting for the truth nailed him to the wall.