01/19/2006 03:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Why Is A Democrat Bashing Foreigners?

The immigration issue is a difficult one - and one that the right-wing has hijacked with all sorts of race- and ethnic-baiting stereotypes. And it is sad to see some Democrats joining in. Case in point is Paul Hackett, a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio.

The Toledo Blade reports:

"The Bush administration, Mr. Hackett said, 'is willing to let illegals come in and take the jobs of Americans.' The answer made several of the young Democrats squirm in their seats. One pushed Mr. Hackett to clarify. 'Deport them?' Mr. Hackett was asked. 'If we can afford to,' Mr. Hackett said, 'yeah.'"

Look, I'm not for illegal immigration - no one is. But I'm also not for mass deportation of people who have come to this country because our corporate-written trade policy has destroyed their home countries' economy. And I'm certainly not for politicians who would demagogue such a sensitive issue for their own political gain.

This is a difficult issue, and one that requires careful deliberation. The fact that a high-profile Democrat is now basing his primary campaign on this kind of racial/ethnic demagoguing should be disturbing to everyone. I guess Hackett wants to be known as the Tom Tancredo of the Democratic Party. Disgusting.