09/28/2010 10:23 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Is Lindsay Lohan Really Lindsay Lonely?

I think we need to change Lindsay Lohan's name to Lindsay Lonely. If your best relationship in life is with a white powder, an alcoholic substance or any type of prescription drug, then you are living a very lonely existence.

Throughout all my years of coaching people, I have found that the people who are addicts (of any kind) tend to be the ones who have really low self-esteem and a very low opinion of themselves. That is why I am renaming Lindsay Lohan "Lindsay Lonely."

I am not being cold, but this woman has had many chances to clean it up. That's what is really sad. How many addicted people get the opportunity to go to celebrity rehab?

I live in Los Angeles and I have driven by celebrity rehab facilities. I want to stay at one of these! They are usually in places like Malibu and situated on a cliff over looking the ocean. They have pools and jacuzzis. They have massages and pampering. You get to have good food and at night you're watching the sunset.

These are the places that are supposed to get rid of addiction in just thirty days.
The problem with Lindsay Lonely and a lot of celebrities who are addicted is that they get coddled.

Take a look at Braylon Edwards from the New York Jets. He was out there on the field playing in last Sunday's game just days after being pulled over for driving while intoxicated. Why is he out there drinking and driving? The NFL has a program where they will actually go and pick up drunken athletes from clubs and other places and drive them home.

The problem that the Lindsay Lohans and the Braylon Edwards of the world have is that they lead a very lonely, insecure existence. Just because they are celebrities does not mean they are not lonely. A lot of their so called friends are just along for the free ride and that's it!

How many friends do you have who are addicted to one thing or another? How many people do you know who are in a bad marriage, and they are addicted to pain killers, alcohol or some other substance?

The reason why people do this is because they are numb. They're not happy with themselves, their relationship and their life.

It's because they never took inventory of their life. They never really took a stand on their life. They never really sat down and said to themselves, "You know, this sucks. I've got to figure out how to get better from the inside out."

People who are medicated are figuring things out from the outside in. Take a pill and everything will be fine -- that is their approach to dealing with their life.

Put on any football game or sporting event, and you will be inundated with prescription drug commercials. Have trouble getting a hard-on? Well sit in a bath tub for 24 hours with Cialis.

Then again, how often do you want to have sex sitting in a bath tub? I've never looked at my wife and said, "Baby let's go get two bath tubs and have sex tonight."

We've become an over-medicated society. We're addicted to prescription drugs, alcohol, and anything else. Hell, in the State of California it's as easy to get a marijuana card as it is to pick up a six pack of beer. All you have to do is walk into one of the clinics and tell them you don't sleep at night, and for $150.00 you can get marijuana whenever you want.

We do this because we don't know how to reach out for help. We don't know how to get raw. We don't know how to get vulnerable, and we're afraid of being vulnerable. So we stay medicated, because being vulnerable means that whatever the illusion that other people have of us will not be exactly who we really are.

So, for the Lindsey Lonelys and the Braylon Edwards out there, it's time to really look and learn from these people. Stop emulating them. Stop gossiping about them. Learn from their behavior and what they've done. Then look at your your own life. What are you reaching for instead of help?