05/01/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The School Boy Immaturity of John Mayer

Do you want to know the number one turnoff for women? Act like John Mayer.

Bragging in public about private, personal things relating to your sex life is a sure sign for a woman that she is dealing with a man-boy who is no more mature than a fourteen year old. His actions reek of insecurity, because a secure man would never go public about his conquests.

In my fourteen years of coaching men on how to meet women, treat women and talk to women, this is one of the things I stress all the time. Don't be like John Mayer.

If I were talking to John Mayer, I'd have a few things to say to him. I'd say, "Come on John. You sing these sappy songs which are listened to almost exclusively by women. You sing songs to which most men would never listen. Yet over the last week or two, you have decided to tell the world that Jessica Simpson is like crack cocaine in bed and that Jennifer Aniston was one of your favorites in bed?"

Who cares? It is such a pompous way to behave. It is such an immature and high school-ish way to behave.

I remember when I was in high school, guys used to play the "smell my fingers" game when it came to hooking up with girls. When you would fool around with a girl and try to get to third base, the only proof you would have that you actually succeeded was if you had her juices left on your fingers (because your friends would never believe you if you didn't have proof).

So after you had gotten to third base with a girl, you would walk over to your friends and tell them, "You won't believe it. I just finger-banged Susie Smith." Your friends would say, "No way!" Then you would go on to tell them how much Susie enjoyed it and was moaning with pleasure as you held your fingers up to their nose as proof. Your friends would smell your fingers and say, "Oh man, I can smell it!" and get really excited.

Yes, this was utterly immature, but we were teenagers! John Mayer, are you still 14 years old? Do you need to announce to the world that you not only slept with these women, but that the sex was fantastic?

Do you think you're actually turning women on when you do that? Do you think anyone is impressed when they hear you talking about this?

You're acting like a 14 year old boy. That's all you are. You are a 14 year old boy who is bragging to the world that you banged a couple of hot celebrities.

There is nothing cool about that, and there is nothing cool about you. There is nothing daring about you.

We saw you with those women in the gossip magazines. We saw you out in public with them. People know you were with these women, and don't need to hear your reviews of their sexual performance as proof of it. You talking about that is nothing more than you being a braggart.

You are basically a 14 year old boy who can sing some sappy little songs to which women listen. In reality, though, your behavior is going to turn off every single woman from now on with whom you want to have sex.

You broke the trust you had with those two women. Whenever any man acts like that, bragging and talking publicly about your sex life while you're playing golf or sitting around having beers with your friends, he is basically degrading the sacred bond that he has with his woman.

Now, granted, women will talk about their sex life with their friends. They will tell their friends about everything they've done sexually with their man, but they will keep it within the privacy and confidence of their close friends.

Men, on the other hand, will tell total strangers about their sex life. They'll tell a random guy at the gym, "Oh man, I f^*ked the s^*t out that girl one night. She was screaming like a maniac!" Men often feel the need to brag because "banging women" is one of the biggest ways they validate themselves.

Men love to go around and tell you how they "banged this woman" and "banged that woman." Guys who can't get "banged" will look at those guys, give them a high-five and say "You are the coolest guy in the world!" Really?

So John Mayer is just a braggart. He wants every guy to look at him and think, "Wow, man. Not only did you have sex with these hot women, but these hot women were driven crazy by you in bed!"

I can't see women going crazy over his sappy lyrics anymore. His behavior just kind of blows me away by how immature he has been acting.

Men will always be boys, and boys will always brag about sex. What guys like John Mayer don't realize, however, is that it is the silent guys who are not talking about how good every woman is in bed who are actually having the best sex. It is the men who smile, talk to women, know how to touch them, and know how to listen who are having the best sex.

Men who walk around talking about how good the women they have sex with are in bed are not attracting women. They are repelling them.

John Mayer, you are repelling women with your behavior. Not to mention, I can't even stand to hear you sing anymore (and your music wasn't that good anyway) because I am so repulsed by your behavior. I know a lot of women feel the same way.

I'd much rather put on David Gray, Coldplay ,and some good U2 music. The last thing you'll find in my iPod is John "man-boy" Mayer.