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October 9, 2015

Latinos Break The Mold

Damon Dahlen

Wildlife Mating Bridge Could Bring More Sexytime To California Cougars

Bruce Lichtenberger via Getty Images

Supreme Court Stops Lawyers From Paying Line-Standers In Big Cases

Susan Walsh/AP

Space Aliens Be Warned: George Noory Is Eyeing The Presidency

Premiere Networks

Anti-LGBT Pundit Blasts 'Gay Gestapo' For Intimidating The Pope


Starbucks Aims To Use Only Cage-Free Eggs By 2020


Obama Declares First New Marine Sanctuaries In 15 Years


Artist Paul Rucker Is Taking Back The Racist Symbols Of America's Past

Ra Rah

How Climate Change Is Intensifying Hurricane Joaquin

Joe Raedle via Getty Images

Veterinary Board Seeks To Revoke License For Texas Vet Who Killed Cat With Arrow

via Remembering Tiger

Kansas Governor Believes Same-Sex Marriage, Like Abortion, Will Be Rolled Back


Let's Guess What Trump Was Thinking While This Room Full Of People Blessed Him


Jeb Bush Just Gave A Middle Finger To The Entire Native American Community


Pit Bull Who Spent 11 Years In Shelter Finally Has A Wonderful Home

Olive Yonkers

Congress Votes To Keep Government Open, For Now

Alex Wong via Getty Images

Tiny Kitten With No Hind Legs Walks In Wee Wheelchair For First Time

Michele Bachmann Believes God Could Destroy America Over Gay Marriage

Tom Williams via Getty Images

Boehner Vows To Leave Successor With Clean Slate



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Senate Takes A Step Toward Keeping The Government Open

Bill Clark via Getty Images

Formerly Abused Pit Bull With No Ears Gets Much-Deserved Second Chance

Nana the Earless Pibble

GOP To Launch New Assault On Obamacare, Planned Parenthood

Tom Williams via Getty Images

FLOTUS Wows In Black Vera Wang Dress At State Dinner

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

Boehner's Departure Won't Make Congress Better, But It Could Make It Worse


Sweet Dog With Half A Nose Is On The Brink Of A Wonderful Life

St. Francis' Angels

SPIDERS ON A PLANE: Escaped Tarantula Grounds Plane

Mark Kostich via Getty Images

Man, Eric Cantor Was REALLY Close To Being The First Jewish Speaker


Pope Says To Consider The Common Good, Congress Moves To Block That

Pool via Getty Images