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October 1, 2014

Off-Duty Secret Service Agent Stopped White House Intruder: Report

Mark Wilson via Getty Images

25 Halloween Costume Ideas That Scream 2014


Paul Ryan: I Won't Run In 2016 If Romney Does

EMMANUEL DUNAND via Getty Images

The Real-Life 'Olivia Pope' Got Pranked By George H.W. Bush


Pit Bull Discrimination Is Never OK -- Especially For A Superhero Therapy Dog

Valerie Bruder Photography

This Adorable Pit Bull Was Nearly Beaten To Death, But Nothing Will Smash His Spirit

Pit Bull Pride of Delaware

Pharrell Williams' New Video Is A Psychedelic Anime-Video Game Hybrid

Samir Hussein via Getty Images

9 Clinton Baby Onesies We Wish Actually Existed

HuffPost Comedy

Bah! This Man Laughs At Your Rules


Secret Service Bungled White House Shooting: Report


Ben Bradlee Now In Hospice Care

The Washington Post via Getty Images

'Daily Show' Delivers The Most Damning Argument For Changing The Redskins' Name Yet

Comedy Central

Kevin Spacey Unveils 'Frank Underwood's Guide to Philanthropy' Between Songs

Kevin Spacey Foundation

17 Numbers That Will Make You Realize Just How Pathetic The Federal Minimum Wage Is

Scott Olson via Getty Images

Court Says Animals Can Be Crime 'Victims,' Like People. So What Does That Mean?

Man Charged With Abduction Of UVa Student


GOP Congressman Warns Of The Real Social Ill Destroying American Values: Marijuana

Bill Clark via Getty Images

Republicans Rallying Behind 'Religious Liberty'

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

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FBI Study Finds Mass Shootings On The Rise, Often End Before Police Can Respond


Now Here's A Man Who Really Likes Feeding His Cat

Meow Mix

Obama Briefed On Secret Service Investigation

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Can You Tell How Lawmakers Voted On Obama's ISIS War? Probably Not (VIDEO)

Michael McAuliff

You Can Visit The National Parks For Free This Weekend

Helen H. Richardson via Getty Images

U.S. Treasury Denies Allowing 'Excessive' Executive Pay At GM, Ally Financial

Hisham Ibrahim via Getty Images

The U.S. Wants You To Know It's Great At Blowing Stuff Up With Its Ridiculously Expensive Toys

Department of Defense

Even If Tourists Get Less Access, White House Should Be Made Safer: Poll


D.C. Police To Start Wearing Body Cameras