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December 10, 2016

Climate Change Could Escalate Risk Of Extreme Rainfall By As Much As 400 Percent

Jonathan Drake/Reuters

The Last Line Of Defense: Federal Bureaucrats Wait Nervously For Donald Trump

Eduado Munoz Alvarez/AFP/Getty Images

Armed Man Targets D.C. Restaurant That Faced Threats Because Of Fake News Pushed By The Right

The Washington Post via Getty Images

How D.C.'s Mayor Plans To End The HIV Epidemic In The Capitol's Backyard

Courtesy of Maripat Finigan

Donald Trump's Conflict Of Interest That No One's Talking About

Gary Cameron / Reuters

Donald Trump's Washington Hotel Is About To Violate Its Government Lease


Trump Praises Chuck Schumer In Reposted Tweet That First Called Him 'Cunning'


Chuck Schumer Is All In On Bernie Sanders' Democratic Party

Amber FergusonHuffington Post

Donald Trump's Surprise Victory Blows Up Washington's Airbnb Market

Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis via Getty Images

Key Republican Puts Dagger In Push To End Filibusters

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Chuck Schumer Named Senate Minority Leader

Noam Galai via Getty Images

Denver Votes To Make Marijuana Cafes A Real Thing

sand86 via Getty Images

Trump Flip Flops On Twitter -- Bashes Then Applauds Constitutional Right To Protest

Win McNamee via Getty Images

Stop Telling Me To Keep Fighting. Today Is About Rage.

Martin Barraud via Getty Images

Trump Supporters React As America Sees A Donald Trump Presidency

Evan Vucci/AP

Republicans Hold The U.S. Senate

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Mike Huckabee Says Clinton Would Appoint 'Her Filipino Maid' To Head CIA

Johnny Louis via Getty Images

The Donald Trump Anchor Couldn't Sink This Republican

Huffington Post


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