04/28/2014 03:05 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2014

Limits or Limitless?

I want to talk about limits. As women/mothers, we get divorced and all of a sudden we have limits. The scary thing is, these are self-imposed limits. Just because we are divorced, all of a sudden parts of the world are shut off from us? "Oh no, I couldn't possibly travel there." "Go back to school? Couldn't possibly. I'm divorced with two kids." Over night this simple eight-letter word, "divorced," has become all-powerful and controlling. It seems to explain away our poor health, lack of relationships, weight gain, poor finances, our children's behavior and the list goes on ad nauseam. What you give that amount of focus to will only bring you more of the same.

Seize this moment in time to shift your life in a positive direction by redefining your limits. When you put a cap on what you are capable of and what is possible, you are not living life. If you are always looking at what you can't do, the wonder of the world and all that it can bring you is lost. Imposing limits will stunt your growth and if you're not growing, a sense of discontent will start to permeate your soul.

So, let's back this train right up to the station and jump on another one. One that will take you places. Let's talk about how divorce has opened a multitude of possibilities in your life, the chance to be different, feel different, think and do differently. How it has enabled you to help your children learn different life lessons and become an expert at time management. Divorce will bring to you that of your choosing. Live passionately by embracing all things new, get out of your comfort zone, be spontaneous and acquire a spirit of adventure. Own your choices. You can ride the train of negativity that takes you nowhere or get on the train of possibilities that will take you places unimaginable. Choose to go from divorced=limits to divorced=limitless.

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