Getting to Know Some of the Most Stylish Women in the World

08/22/2011 12:17 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Having had the unique experience of working at Vogue around the world, I must say one of the greatest luxuries has
been meeting and getting to know some of the most stylish women in the world. We know of the icons; the Jackie
Kennedys, the Millicent Rogers, the Wallis Simpsons, the Babe Paleys, etc....but there are still so many girls around
today who are practicing the art of style, which is more than buying clothes or carrying a certain handbag or pretending
to walk in this seasons torturous heels. It's about how you live your life and bringing an attitude, a philosophy, an
aesthetic, to every part of your world. It's about taking inspiration from your everyday life experiences and turning
them into a beautiful self-expression. All of the great fashion stories, whether editorial expressions or designers exquisite
collections are all inspired by something incredibly personal, every time.

At The Little Squares, we look for this kind of beautiful expression in all parts of the world, in every tribe, in every
subculture and if you really take the time to see and to listen, you'll find it everywhere. Many of the great stories we
are beginning to share through our new favorite project,, and today we are sharing a
glimpse into this idea of "style in the first person" that is a fantastic foundation to begin the conversation as to what style
really is.

In this short film, we talk with Leah Forester, one of the most beautiful women I have ever known, with whom I used to
have a lot of fun with when we were both living in New York City and she was working with Diane Von Furtsenberg.

Leah eventually opened a beautiful concept store downtown called Decollage which was very much ahead of its time
yet reflected so much of her personal commitment to very stylish things.

I have profiled women such as DVF, Barney's fashion director Amanda Brooks and Mary-Kate Olsen for Italian
Vogue, both in words and photographs. What I find again and again is that the one thing these women have in
common, though their ages and experience may vary, is that they have all made it up themselves. True style comes
from a belief system, from a certain education that's one part curiosity, one part experimentation, and two parts self

Watch as Leah talks about her move to Venice beach and the inspiration she gets from the energy and lifestyle of that
city as well as all of the disparate elements she brings together from her travels and experience. It's not just about the
ingredients, of course, but rather, how you stir your personal brew. What kind of spell do you eventually want to cast?
As she reiterates, it's not about price or having to look a certain way, it's about finding your own style and somehow
weaving those elements throughout every aspect of your life.