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Subjectivety and the Universe

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Is the universe physical or is it more like a mind? This is the same as asking the question, "Is fundamental reality particle-like or wave-like?" It is both until you ask the question. The way you set up the experiment determines the answer. A photon is a particle and wave at the same time. Subjective experiences in our consciousness are represented by binary codes of photons in our brains. When you imagine a sunset there is no image of a sunset in your brain, only plus (+) and minus (-) charges across cell membranes and synaptic networks.

A number of brilliant scientists including the late Herms J. Romijn (Are Virtual Photons the Elementary Carriers of Consciousness? and About the origin of consciousness: A new, multidisciplinary perspective on the relationship between the brain and mind) have suggested that since photons are the carrier of both objective and subjective information, and since the whole universe is permeated with photons, this is evidence that the universe is imbued with subjectivity. If this is so, we should be able to establish a relationship with it and communicate with it.