You Are the Instrument

09/26/2011 02:36 pm ET | Updated Nov 26, 2011

"A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself."
-- Abraham Maslow

As a music major in college, I studied, played and worked with a number of people who eventually became world-class musicians and performers ranging from opera to jazz and rock & roll. While each person was "uniquely" different, the silver thread that ran through them all was that music came first in their lives -- before eating, sleeping, dating or anything else. In those days I just saw those people as obsessed and on a quest for fun.

Now, however, after years of studying infinite intelligence and how It seeks individuated expression in and through all sentient beings, I see it differently. What I mistook as an obsession and a quest for fun was really the creative passion of spirit having its way with my friends. Why? Because they yielded to it -- they were making themselves 100 percent available to the creative urge -- the divine impulse of life to expand and be expressed. In other words, each became the willing and unique instrument of the "one."

Regardless of the medium, artists can be a restless bunch. Unless they are in the process of creation there seems to be a piece (and peace) missing. Their greatest moments of inner peace usually come while, and directly after, they perform or create. Playing music really wasn't an option for my friends. Expressing their inner nature through their music was why they came to earth, and they were simply yielding to that purpose, whether they knew it or not. Maslow might have called such a person self-actualized, becoming so much at one with the moment of expression that they literally became the music, resulting in the peak experience. There is nothing quite like that mystical moment when the artist and the medium become one, as if melting into the essence of the creation itself, losing all sense of separation from life.

The exciting thing for me is that, whether we know it or not, you and I are also instruments for infinite intelligence. We have the daily opportunity to have a "peak experience" because we too have come to give form and expression to the divine essence of life. This is our purpose for being. Once the awareness of this truth starts to stir, amazing energy begins to flow through us as if we were but a flute in the hands of the beloved, manifesting in a particular form of expression that is unique to who we each are.

The question I invite you to ponder is this: What did you come to this planet to express? Understand, you will not find true inner peace until you are doing it. It most certainly does not have to be in music or the arts, but make no mistake about it, you are a unique and perfect instrument for the "one." Infinite intelligence is the player, you are the instrument. Your mind, your body, your heart and passion, your talent, your inner vision and your spirit are collectively but an instrument for the divine... imagine that! The universe is playing the song of life through you. Given this awareness, it would be wise to keep your instrument in tune by "practicing" daily the awareness of presence, making yourself available to that cosmic impulse that is always seeking a receptive vessel into which it may flow with grace and ease. Your "song" may show up in ways you may have never expected. Once you give the universe a sign that you are open and receptive, be prepared!

As a mindfulness practice, consider this:

  • Invite the spirit within to use you as an instrument today.
  • Open yourself fully to the moment, regardless of what you are doing, so that the essence of the beloved one flows freely through you and as you.
  • Whether you are at work, driving your car, washing the dishes or whatever else you are doing in the moment, it doesn't matter. Can you visualize yourself as the vessel through which life flows, finding fuller expression?
  • Be in touch with your feeling nature -- that is what connects you with the source.
  • Be willing to yield to the creative urge of the infinite and go with the flow and see where it leads... delight in noticing you are more than your body -- you are an instrument of the divine.
  • Finally, become aware of the peace and joy that follows. This is the bliss of knowing you are one with an amazing universe.

My invitation to you today is to fully realize that my old musician friends have nothing over you and me. You are the instrument that infinite presence has chosen to play through, so enjoy the concert of your life... and breathe!